self belief - break the chainsSelf belief – 3 for everyday

Self Belief – Our belief that today’s problems will not last forever
How many times have we thought that we’d never get through the particular crisis or worry we’re currently experiencing and yet, get through them we did. Thinking back on some of those times reminds us of one very important human commodity ‘resilience’ the getting through whatever life throws at us.

We have it in unlimited amounts and yet with each new problem we face, we doubt our ability to win through. So remember the things which felt impossible in the past are mostly just bad memories today, we just find the strength and get through it don’t we!
Build your Self Belief.

Self Belief – Our connection to the world and the people in it with us
No matter how alone we may feel, and there are times when we all feel alone, but most of us have people in our lives who care about us, just because we don’t feel it, doesn’t mean they’re not there. Family and friends may be busy, but if they know we are struggling, they will mostly be there.

There isn’t any problem which cannot be helped by sharing it. If family and friends aren’t the right people to talk to, there are lots of people who want to help, its just a matter of reaching out.
If you feel alone and are worried for your safety contact the Samaritans day or night.
Grow your Self Belief.

Self Belief – If someone continually spoils our sense of peace – we can get rid!
In general we give people far too much time to change how they treat us, if they hurt us and continue hurting us, then chances are they will always hurt us. I’m not only talking about friends, but family too, its true what they say ‘we can choose our friends but not our family’ and whilst that is true, we don’t have to suffer people in our lives who make things difficult for us.

Try asking your self – who adds value to your life and who takes it away, this way you will be able to explore who are the best people to have around.
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Nurture your Self Belief.

Paul Parkin – Online counselling and Life Coaching