Introducing Counsellors Online Administrator – Patee

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Patee for his skill and dedication to  ‘Counsellors Online’ and our shared ethos of creating an online counselling website and social media platforms which spread positivity and inspiration globally.

PateeCounsellors Online was created in my mind in 2006 and born in 2007, today its one of the most content rich free counselling resources worldwide and is available anywhere you have an internet connection.

Although counsellors online is now a successful global website, it was initially created by myself, and has been improved, maintained and managed by Patee since 2012. I was fortunate enough to meet him whilst working with a client in Thailand, I fell in love with Thailand and in Patee I found someone with the vision to help me improve and build a new website and supporting social media platforms which have steadily grown to have a presence all around the world.

Today Patee’s innovative focus on the economic, cultural and social aspects of counselling allows counsellors online to offer a flexible approach to online counselling fees by enabling clients to choose what they are able to pay, based solely on their own decision of what they can afford, ranging between the lowest online counselling available and an affordable fee to the majority, the first online counselling website to offer this anywhere in the world.

Our ideas and values remain aligned, our ethos of providing free inspiring words and images via Facebook, Google+ and Twitter is a huge success, with our posts and articles (at least three each day) being seen by an ever increasing number of people looking for inspirations, and new ways of thinking. You can share the counsellors online website and blog with your friends by ‘sharing’ any of the posts which inspire you, so why not introduce them to already 3,500 counsellors online followers. 

Real people share their real stories on the counsellors online blog, you can see it at the link below. Maybe you have a story of your own you would like to share, anonymously if you prefer.

Thanks Patee, you have done a great job so far and I know you will keep your thoughts and ideas coming.

Paul Parkin – online counsellor