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We change our socks and underwear regularly, there are good reasons for this, it helps us feel fresh and clean, and draws people to us, there’s nothing more certain to drive people away from us than the smell of stale body odour. We sometimes change our clothing style or our hairstyles in an effort to freshen our image, it’s big business these days to provide people with a new look.

What we usually change.

We may change our hobbies too, becoming bored with the interests we once couldn’t get enough of, its human nature to get bored with things if we do the same thing all the time. Many of us have woke up and thought a new car is the answer, this one is tired, I don’t like the colour any more or I need something bigger, or even something smaller.

We may feel a change of job is needed, we can become stuck in a rutt, the things which once challenged us in our work are no longer an inspiration, and in fact have become a pain in the proverbial backside, a new challenge, a change may be needed.

As you can see from the small number of ways we go about making changes to our lives, change is vital to our existence, to our sense of feeling alive and exhilarated in life, however, most people see change as scary, the unknown is always scary, few of us can see change as being an opportunity, yet that’s exactly what change is.

We often see change as something we must do in a practical way, one of my favourite quotes is ‘If we do as we always did, we will get what we always got’. I would like to explore change from a different perspective, one in which we change our thinking instead of some of the practical changes identified above. How many of us really change our thoughts, views or beliefs even once in our lifetime? There’s another great quote which comes to mind ‘A person who thinks the same at age 50 as they did at age 20 – has wasted 30 years’.

What we need to change.

So, I see change as changing how we think, which in turn changes how we feel, which in turn can change how we behave, this is the change which can actually invigorate our lives and add something more long term to our existence. A new hobby, car, hairstyle or image will all become stale and need to be renewed, but if we change how we think, feel and behave, then life will be exciting and you will want to engage fully in life.

A greater awareness of change, what we can change, what we can’t change and the wisdom to know the difference will help us more than any other therapeutic tool, have a look at this short story 

If you need some help with changing how you think, feel and behave, why not start 2015 off with a change which will last you a lifetime.

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