A piece of yellow paper with the words 'love you' and a heart written in black inkTommy, an only child, had always been happy, cooperative, and an excellent student. How could I convince his father and mother that his recent failing grades represented a brokenhearted child’s reaction to his adored parents’ separation and pending divorce?

Tommy’s mother entered and took one of the chairs I had placed near my desk. Then the father arrived. They pointedly ignored each other.

As I gave a detailed account of Tommy’s behaviour and schoolwork, I prayed for the right words to bring these two together to help them see what they were doing to their son. But somehow the words wouldn’t come. Perhaps if they saw one of his smudged, carelessly done papers.

I found a crumpled, tear-stained sheet stuffed in the back of his desk. Writing covered both sides, a single sentence scribbled over and over.

Silently I smoothed it out and gave it to Tommy’s mother. She read it and then without a word handed it to her husband. He frowned. Then his face softened. He studied the scrawled words for what seemed an eternity.

At last he folded the paper carefully and reached for his wife’s outstretched hand. She wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled up at him. My own eyes were brimming, but neither seemed to notice.

In his own way God had given me the words to reunite that family. He had guided me to the sheet of yellow copy paper covered with the anguished outpouring of a small boy’s troubled heart.

Dear Mummy . . . Dear Daddy . . . I love you . . . I love you . . . I love you.

Relationships end and that’s a fact of life, children don’t want to see either of their parents hating each other, so for no other reason than your child’s welfare, be as caring and respectful as you can. Don’t scar your children because you can’t make the relationship work. The child is innocent in all of this.

If you need professional help to reconcile your differences, talk to Paul, he is an experienced family counsellor and has years of experience working with families in trouble.