How to React to Criticism

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How to react to criticism - for a better outcome every time None of us enjoy being criticised. It's human nature to enjoy being right and most of us feel a sense of hurt when we're wrong. However, we all need criticism. Although we're generally drawn to like-minded people, those who disagree with us truly help us to grow. The [...]

I’m Depressed

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It's very difficult to say 'I'm Depressed' the stigma of mental health is still a barrier to getting the right help and support, therefore, it's difficult to know if people we love and care for are depressed. They may hide or be un-aware that they are in fact depressed and that can make it difficult to help them. (The depression [...]

Dating a Narcissist?

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Most of the people who contact me for relationship advice, do so because they want to avoid dating a narcissist. Some are already in a relationship and share their relationship problems, some are incredibly unhappy, most that are so unhappy, turn out to be dating a narcissist, married to a narcissist, or hanging out with one. Dating a narcissist can [...]

Does a bad childhood mean a failed relationship

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Were you loved as a child, did you feel part of a close knit family relationship, or like many, were you a child of an unstable or failed relationship? It may surprise you to learn that only 20% of the western world's children had the 'right' kind of parenting, do you also know that children who had bad childhoods, where [...]

Take a Break – 6 good reasons

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6 Reasons to Take a Break You've probably heard the phrase 'a change is as good as a rest' so here we will look at why you should Take a Break. New research suggests we should combine the two for a healthier and happier existence. Psychologists and researchers have highlighted 6 benefits if you take a break and all 6 [...]

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