Grieving Jam and Bread

By |2023-06-16T22:31:44+01:00April 13, 2018|Counsellors Online Blog|

Even jam and bread can trigger our grieving for a loved one. If like me you're grieving right now and you're a member of a Facebook nostalgia groups, often from where we grew up, you know the type, they post images and memories from our childhood haunts, often a lot of laughs and often real silly stuff too. [...]

The Mother’s Day Story

By |2023-06-16T22:34:10+01:00March 23, 2017|Counsellors Online Blog|

The Mothers Day Story. Whether you refer to your Mother as Mam as we do in the North East of England or Mom as they do in the U.S.A. Our Mam's are so special and help us to 'become' the people we are as adults and influence how we live our lives. Mothers Day is celebrated in over 50 countries [...]

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