3 Top Life Coaching Tools

By |2023-06-16T22:34:11+01:00March 9, 2017|Counsellors Online Blog|

With the latest budget hot off the press, it can feel like we're not at all in control of our lives let alone our destinies. So with governments, our employers, families and friends all wanting to influence how we live, how can we claw back some control over how we live our lives by using 3 top life coaching tools. [...]

The Meaning of Happiness : Living in the moment

By |2023-06-16T22:42:45+01:00January 18, 2013|Counsellors Online Blog|

In my eleven years of working as a professional counsellor with children and adults in various settings, I have come to some conclusions, I don't for one moment want to put across that this is a scientific or researched article, it is simply the observations of someone who loves getting to know people, I mean really getting to know in [...]

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