As I sat on the park bench enjoying the cool night air and gazing at the people who were taking a break from the rest of the world, two young lovers passed me by and I overheard the woman say, “Honey, why can’t the moon always be this full and beautiful as it is tonight?”

He replied, “I don’t know dear, but I am glad we were blessed enough to see another one together.” And that made me, well at first shed a tear at their exchanged words, but then it made me ask myself, “Why doesn’t it?”

Then, of course, knowing me, I thought and thought some more. Then I concluded, how can we ask the moon to constantly shine so beautiful night after night if we as humans can not find it in ourselves to do the same? Why can’t we find what it takes to remain illuminating creatures when we bear witness time after time of the glorious dreams we have shown to be so capable of.

Why do we so often blow out our candles and let the darkness escape to cover up a portion of our glow? Do we cycle through our emotions the same as the moon? Or why can’t we consistently find the peace and love that I can so clearly recognise in this young couple: the way they grip each others hand as if they never want to let go, the way they walk so slowly in rhythm with one another as if their heartbeats our setting the pace, and the way they stare at each other as if they have found the gateway to the soul in each other’s eyes.

Then I think again: maybe we “can” control the moon’s luster; it’s wholeness. Just maybe if we can find it in our hearts ourselves to shine with such a radiance, then maybe, overtime will we begin to notice as we look towards heaven on a clear night that we shall see the moon as full and as bright as we ourselves choose to be. Maybe we only deserve to see this brilliance so often. And maybe only when enough people can accumulate over a cycle enough love, peace, and goodwill towards one another shall the moon dazzle us in all her beauty.

So now whenever I think the moon is going through her cycle again, I will tell myself, No, She is waiting on us to go through ours.


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