Cross Dressing – The facts

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Often described as the last taboo, cross-dressing is massively misunderstood by society at large. With many people believing that cross dressers are weird or strange, it makes the issue difficult to understand and come to terms with for people who have a compulsion to dress. Whilst we’re living in a time where minorities feel safer than ever and acceptance is widely experienced by almost every group, cross dressers have not, for the most part, benefited from greater understanding or acceptance... read more

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Does a bad childhood mean a failed relationship

By |2023-06-16T22:31:42+01:00April 24, 2018|Counsellors Online Blog|

Were you loved as a child, did you feel part of a close knit family relationship, or like many, were you a child of an unstable or failed relationship? It may surprise you to learn that only 20% of the western world's children had the 'right' kind of parenting, do you also know that children who had bad childhoods, where [...]

3 Relationship Red Flags

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Relationship red flags are persistent, problematic aspects of our relationship. So what are relationship red flags? Things which upset you time and time again, that infuriate and upset you, behaviours which your partner keeps on doing which undermine your relationship, this is a relationship red flag. Here I will talk about 3 relationship red flags and what you can do to [...]

Childhood Hurts

By |2023-06-16T22:34:09+01:00April 30, 2017|Counsellors Online Blog|

Our childhood hurts are born from our early or formative years, the first few years of our lives are hugely important for our emotional development, often referred to as the study of 'attachment' these early formative years actually determine how well and how happy we become. The parenting and nurturing we receive in our formative developmental years has a huge [...]

How to be a real Dad

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How to be a real Dad The relationship between Child and Dad is unique, because of this there is no rule book or one size fits all advice, but attachment has a huge part to play. We often learn our parenting skills from our own Father's, think for a moment, were you a happy child, teenager and young adult? If [...]

Do you find it difficult to commit?

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Looking at it from a distance, your chosen partner may well fit all your criteria, they may well be honest, pleasant, attractive, loving, authentic and so into you that you would be a fool to let him/her go. They totally get you and you are so in tune with one another but there is something not quite right. Has this [...]

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