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Sexual Offences, Taboo Sex and Online Counselling

There are a huge range of Sexual Offences listed in the 2003 Sexual Offences act in the UK and an array of Sexual Offences across the world. For information on them please feel free to ask, Online Counselling is an effective, confidential and convenient way to explore your worries and fears around sexual behaviours.

With the popularity of the internet and online use, both men and women have found that their fantasies may have become easier to explore, sometimes this can result in people committing a Sexual Offence, either knowingly or unknowingly.

If you have been questioned, charged or convicted of a sexual offence it is very likely that you are feeling alone and possibly abandoned by those who were close to you, or maybe you fear that you will be abandoned as a result of these issues.

anxiety, stress or guilt as a result of a Sexual OffenceI offer a confidential Online Counselling service for people who are experiencing anxiety, stress or guilt as a result of a Sexual Offence or for what might be considered Taboo Sex, or for any Sexual Behaviour which is of concern to you. Online Counselling is an ideal medium for people who are scared and are worried about who to trust.

For the most part, previous clients have talked about their sexual compulsions or their fears as a result of their sexual compulsion, many contact me prior to being charged with a Sexual Offence and want help to understand their sexual behaviour, whilst others need support once something has gone wrong, or they have already been charged with committing a Sexual Offence, either way Online Counselling or Online Therapy as its referred to in some parts of the world, can help people come to terms with and feel supported during what can be a very difficult time.

Online Therapy and Counselling sessions are 50 minutes and are usually via Skype Chat, Email, Messenger, WhatsApp or in some cases via a telephone or video call, whichever medium you feel comfortable with.
You don’t have to give your full name or location, this will mean that I will not be able to share your information without your specific permission. I will respect your confidentiality and offer you the care and support which is offered to all of my clients.

If you are worried about your Sexual Fantasies becoming more than a fantasy, or if you have been acting out with a partner or have gone down a road you know is not good for you or another, then talking about your worries with an Online Therapist can help. If you worry that your Sexual Behaviour or Sexual Fantasies are causing you concern, talk to me.

If you have any questions before committing to working with me, please don’t hesitate to ask, you can email me direct at for a confidential reply. No one else will see your message or respond to you, I work alone and I am committed to supporting you, remember,  you don’t have to give your name and your details will not be shared with anyone else, I am here to help.

Sexual Fantasies and Sexual Behaviour

Most Sexual Fantasies are just that, they live in our minds and cause us no problems, however sometimes our Sexual Fantasy can begin to dominate our sexual desires and we may want to act out with a partner or secretly want to make our fantasy real, this can be a concern to many people, especially if the Sexual Fantasy or Sexual Behaviour is ‘taboo’ in nature.

Sexual Taboos

Many Sexual Behaviours are outside of what is deemed by society and the law as normal and therefore people with Sexual Fantasies of a Taboo nature may find themselves isolated or feeling afraid of their Sexual Behaviours and desires. Talking to someone who understands can be a huge relief, Online Therapists are a great way of exploring Sexual Behaviours because it is confidential and you can share your worries without fear of being judged, whatever your Sexual Fantasy or Sexual Behaviour.

Professional Online Counsellor and Life Coach – Paul ParkinPaul Parkin online counsellor and sex addiction therapistI am an experienced, professional online counsellor, with over 14 years experience working as a counsellor and life coach offering confidential, affordable counselling online to clients anywhere in the world. By living a simple life and working from home I have reduced my costs enabling me to reduce the session fees for clients, making online counselling more accessible to people seeking sex addiction counselling online.

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Sexual Offences, Sexual Behaviour and Taboo Sex – Why Online Counselling or Online Therapy?

  • Online Counselling is now the most popular way of accessing professional Counselling and Therapy.
  • Online Therapy is easily accessible via Email, Messenger and Skype, from home or from anywhere you have an internet connection and its available via any mobile device too.
  • Online Counselling is affordable and concessions are available if you are on a low income.
  • Online Therapy is hassle free, no travelling, no worrying if you will be seen entering a Counsellor or Therapists office. Book a session when it suits you.
  • Not sure? – Why not give it a try, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.
  • Start living the life you want today! Online counselling changes lives for the better.
  • Online Counselling takes the worry out of discussing sensitive issues.

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