sex addiction counselling.

Sex Addiction Counselling

Worried you have a sex addiction?

Whether you feel you are addicted to porn, or you feel you have an unhealthy sex addiction or a problematic sex drive (very low or very high).

You may have a sexual interest in things which feel outside accepted norms, or the norms of society, or maybe you’re worried about sexual thoughts, fantasies or anything to do with sex.

It may help to share your worries anonymously with an online sex addiction counsellor who can offer you a non judgemental listening ear in all aspects of sexual addictions. I have supported people with every type of sex addiction, both men and women.

Your worries will be sensitively, but openly explored so that you get answers and a greater understanding of your urges, fantasies or worries.

I will help you to explore whatever your sex addiction or worry is.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is the model which most sex addiction counsellors and therapists use, it focusses on thoughts and behaviours, whilst it is also important to explore any historic issues which can effect our individual sex addiction or preferences.

If you are in a relationship which is suffering because of your sexual identity or sexual preferences or your interests, or maybe your interests differ to your partners ideas of what your sexual relationship should entail, then talk to me and together we will find a way through it.

If you are unable to foster a loving relationship because of your sexual addiction, needs or wants, or if your partner’s sexual addiction or interests create a barrier in your relationship, then exploring them with an empathic sex addiction counsellor could make the whole thing feel less of a problem.

Whatever your worries, rest assured that you can chat in complete confidence and that online counselling offers the safest and most confidential service available for people with a sex addiction.

If you aren’t sure whether you have a problem you can answer some questions here sex addiction questionnaire.

Some of the benefits of Online Sex Addiction Counselling include:

  • No premises to be seen entering/leaving
  • No problems accessing a counsellor
  • Work on your worries at a time which suits you
  • Access sex addiction counselling from your home or work place, or anywhere you have internet access
  • Access support from a smart phone, tablet or PC
  • Online counselling is easily accessible and no notes are kept
  • You can remain anonymous
  • Improve your relationship

Some of the common sexual issues for men:

  • Erectile dysfunction (the inability to get or sustain a strong enough penile erection for sexual intercourse to meet you or your partners needs)
  • Retarded ejaculation (the inability to reach an orgasm in sex easily – or at all)
  • Sexual addiction
  • A loss or reduction of your usual sex drive or libido
  • A sexual aversion (a strong dislike for a particular aspects of sex) often leading to the avoidance of sex altogether
  • Promiscuity
  • A worrying sexual fantasy which may or may not include an illegal interest.

If you are worried about any aspect of your sex addiction, contact me today and lets work through it anonymously and in a supportive manner, I am here to help you with any sex addiction problem.

Professional Online Counsellor and Life Coach – Paul Parkin

Paul Parkin Online Counselling, Therapy and Life Coaching.

Paul Parkin Online Counselling, Therapy and Life Coaching.

I am an experienced, professional online counsellor, with over 15 years experience working as a counsellor and life coach offering confidential, affordable counselling online to clients anywhere in the world.

By living a simple life and working from home I have reduced my costs enabling me to reduce the session fees for clients, making online counselling more accessible to people seeking sex addiction counselling online.

Combining humanistic, person centred counselling and therapy with practical life coaching strategies, I can support you through your issues and as a result, provide you with the therapeutic tools to create a happier future.

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