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The ‘In Love’ stage of a relationship is something which cannot easily go unnoticed, we glow and shine like no other life event. When we feel in love It feels so special and we are the envy of our friends who have either been there or have maybe never yet felt it. For the ones which have been there, they may be able to shed some light on what happens when the ‘in love’ feelings change.

Why doesn’t the feeling of being in love last forever?

The answer is all to do with our brains and the chemical it releases into our bloodstream, Phenethylamine (sometimes referred to as the love drug) is released into our blood stream on average for the first four years of an intense intimate relationship, usually when we are with or around our partner, it is sometimes call the ‘love drug’.

Scientists have carried out extensive research on the affects of the ‘love drug’ and found that after around four years, the feelings of being ‘in love’ begin to fade, for some people it can feel like the love has gone as fast as it arrived, it can be a very upsetting time if we don’t understand or have an understanding that it is normal that it will happen this way.

For the most part, the love hasn’t gone, but understanding this is very important, as many relationships flounder around the four years stage, some people feel the fading of the ‘love drug’ is directly responsible for the high numbers of separations and divorces, though I feel it is more about not having the understanding of how our feelings work and change, and not having the tools to deal with each others personal issues.

This couple enjoy online relationship coaching or couple therapy as part of their romance.

So if relationship break ups and divorces aren’t down to chemicals, what can be done to help?

Well there are no lessons for successful relationships, no how to do it manuals because we are all individuals with different types of baggage, different sizes and different levels of insight into our own personal issues. In many cases we live our relationships as our parents may have lived theirs, for some that will be a good thing, for others it could be the opposite of what we want for our own relationship.

Our personal issues are the single biggest reason why we struggle to have a happy, long lasting relationship, it’s not the fading of the ‘love drug’ as most people know, the in love stage is simply that, a beautiful but temporary period in a longer lasting journey together. so knowing and resolving our own issues is important within a relationship.

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Paul Parkin is an experienced online counsellor and life coach with 15 years of experience in the relationship and marriage counselling field.

Paul Parkin Online Counselling, Therapy and Life Coaching.

Paul Parkin Online Counselling, Therapy and Life Coaching.

I offer online counselling to clients around the globe (including: England, Belgium, India, Korea, Thailand and even traveller’s who move around from one country to another)

I have worked both face to face and online. I have knowledge and understanding of attachment theory (the way we emotionally connect with others) and how human beings think and behave, this makes me the perfect choice for the relationship coaching and advice that is helpful for people about to make a committed relationship.

I help people identify any possible future problem areas within their relationship and then work with clients to address these factors which can affect how we live and exist with ourselves and with others. Most relationships are complex and an increased understanding re yourself will help you to have a happy and successful relationship.

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testimonial from one of my clients

“Paul has been great help and support in our couple therapy. Access online made it possible for us to continue working on our issues no matter where we were. He made us realise how important individual emotional wellbeing is when in relationship. His ongoing support in between sessions is something you normally don’t get from a therapist.”

E.S. – September 2019, UK

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