Counsellors Online has some beautifully inspiring images and as so many of you have asked for samples of some of the popular ones to send to your friends and families, or even a stranger who could use some inspirational support, we have set up this resource to enable you to simply choose the image you like and save it to your device for you to send to the person of your choice any time you need to show that you are thinking of them.

It couldn’t be simpler, follow the steps below and brighten someone’s day.

Kind regards – Counsellors Online


1. View the images (click on your chosen image see the actual size preview and follow the instructions below)

2. To download the image to your computer and share these beautiful images.

  1. Right click on the enlarged image.
  2. Select ‘save image as’
  3. Choose the destination folder and save the image
  4. You can then attach the image to an email and send it to your friend or family