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Paul Parkin Online Counselling, Therapy and Life Coaching.

Online Counselling Testimonials

Please feel free to read some of the client testimonials from my online counselling, real people who have benefited from counselling online.

All testimonials are shared with the explicit permissions of the client and I would like to thank all of them for agreeing to share their thoughts on working with me. I hope it will give you some insight into how it works and can help you to move forward.

My best wishes and peace – Paul.

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“In November 2021 I contacted Paul to help me to deal with some personal issues. I never had counselling before, and my experience couldn’t be better. Paul provided me with support, calming down my thoughts, and showing me different ways to face what I was thinking were difficult situations. He is a great professional, always bringing practical solutions to apply. Also, the online sessions worked really well, as you have flexibility to fit it in your day however your needs are. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul’s service. Thank you very much Paul for all you did.”

Anonymous, May 2022

“I worked with Paul for around 8 months to deal with issues around low self esteem and difficulties with my sexuality and marriage. It was a great experience all round and gave me useful techniques to face life’s challenges. He was calm and supportive and always stressed that he was there to help me, to fight in my corner. Paul clearly has a depth of knowledge earned over many years experience in counselling. I was particularly impressed with Paul’s ability to provide useful insight into anything I threw at him, practically at a moment’s notice.”

January 2022

“I came to Paul to help me deal with a long-standing depression as well as the problems I was having in my relationship. I have to say that working with Paul has been a fantastic experience. He has given me a tonne of tools to use and helped me to understand my own mind and emotional landscape.

Being able to talk to Paul over video chat and occasionally via text or on the phone when needed was great. He’s been flexible and patient with me over the years that we have worked together and I can’t thank him enough for everything that he has done.”

Aaron, November 2021

“I contacted Paul out of desperation in relation to crossdressing, i have struggled with this issue my whole life, my self worth and relationships have always been problematic.

Paul has helped me accept myself and for the first time, be able to look in the mirror and feel good about my authentic self.

Paul also helped my wife understand that my crossdressing was something we could work with in our relationship, with his help, we were able to find our way through this and our relationship is actually better than it ever was, we can now talk about both of our needs and wants”

Art – USA, Oct 2021

“I contacted Paul at the beginning of 2021 feeling pretty splintered about quite a few things. I wasn’t sure of where my life was headed, how to get anywhere and how to deal with the negative, catastrophizing, self-critical thoughts along the way.

I was down on myself because I’ve been sober for over 5 years and yet I felt as if my life had no direction and there were still many things that needed to be untangled and talked about.

Paul helped me think about what I’d like to accomplish in working with him and what I’d like to talk about. We looked at everything from childhood, relationship with parents, sexual relationships, intimacy and fetishes, along with addiction, work, career and character building. Paul had something helpful for me every step of the way whether it was breathing techniques, reading about the brain, processing the past or how to exist in the here and now and move forward. The biggest help Paul offered me was thinking about the future and how to walk towards it. Scheduling my life, dealing with my thoughts and feelings and even throwing out old socks with holes in them were all a part of my journey towards direction and sanity.

He was also extremely helpful in connecting to my girlfriend and getting closer with her. We hadn’t a great way of communicating before Paul recommended some pretty straight forward help in checking in with each other and making sure our needs are being met separately and together. It was actually some simple stuff to do, but it changed everything in the way we communicate to this day.

I feel as if today I still have a lot going on inside my head, but the difference between before I started with Paul and now is night and day. I know being present and looking forward is healthy for me and I know having a schedule to get there has made all the difference in my life. Paul has helped me get busy with the things that help me have a life and stay out of negative thinking, which is really my biggest problem when I get right down to it. Paul has helped me immensely in just a few months of good work together.

I would recommend Paul’s help to anyone looking to make some sense of their life and their relationships, trying to find direction, or simply have someone to bounce things off of for feedback. I believe he is top quality and I will continue to return to Paul for help, counseling, feedback and guidance as long as he is doing this work.

Thank you Paul for all that you do! Your friend,”

Sean D – USA, July 2021

“I had always had many negative thoughts that brought me down, made me feel depressed, anxious, discouraged, sad and many more negative feelings. And that made my life miserable; I avoided socializing, studying, working in a pressured environment.

But then, Paul introduced a thought management tool to me; A thought reframing tool. It helps me recognize my own negative thoughts clearly, and then I reframe them into a positive one.

With the help of this tool, I kept journaling for 3 weeks and had counselling session with Paul once/week to review my journals and make sense of them. My cognitive behavior just changed, it has changed my feelings to positive ones and then my behaviors start to change for the better.

I don’t feel like a loser and escape the reality by sleeping too much anymore. I have good attitudes toward life, and I start doing things that I once thought were impossible for me. I focus better, I have enthusiasm to learn new things and I don’t over think and I don’t avoid making mistakes anymore. I am living my life!

Thank you, Paul, for introducing this tool to me and guiding me toward a happier and brighter future.

If anyone has been feeling bad and unhappy without knowing why, you might have negative thoughts toward yourself and your life. I highly recommend Paul and his tried and tested tools to help live a better and happier life!”

T. – Thailand, 21 May 2021

“I had never had counselling before and heard about Paul through a family member. As us men really find it hard to reach out and talk about our struggles.

I lost my best friend 2 years ago and Paul helped me to understand the grieving process and accept my best friends death.

Paul also helped me with my self confidence and a few other areas too.

I just want to say how much Paul has helped me through the tough days and made me realise that life is worth fighting for! I honestly can’t thank Paul enough for what he has done for me in the time we have worked together.

I never thought I’d ever make that brave/scary move to ask for help, but I’m so so glad I did. I’m an anxious person as it is and Paul put me at ease from the get go!

Thank you so much Paul, I’d highly recommend him to anyone.”

Sam. UK
29th April 2021

“I spoke with Paul on several occasions and he was able to give me great insight into my cross dressing boyfriend. It helped me to understand and accept him in a really useful way that we have resolved the difficulties we were having. The online element to me was fab as, I had privacy and Paul being remote actually made the difficult topics easy to talk about. Thank you for your wonderful help 😊”

Anonymous, April 2021

“I contacted Paul after much thought and the sense of relief I felt was enormous.

I’d discovered 5 years ago that my husband was a cross dresser. Our relationship has suffered through this and other life issues, subsequently separating.

Recently though we’ve got back together and with Paul’s help have looked into the cross dressing and the reasons behind it and our relationship as a whole. We are now in the process of rebuilding.

Paul has been so so important in all of this, helping both of us with his insight, compassion and a great person to offload to.

For me as a wife of a cross dresser Paul has removed the taboo that surrounds this, so important when you are trying to see a way through a situation that I thought at first was totally hopeless.

I’d say to anyone who finds them self in the same situation, that there is help out there and you are not on your own. Paul has a wealth of knowledge on this subject and this is why I approached him.

Good luck!

S., UK, January 2021

“My partner and I contacted Paul because we were looking for relationship counselling. We’d been together for nearly 10 years but were going through a very tough time where trust was broken and we couldn’t go on anymore without external help.

Paul replied instantly and was really flexible setting up the first session. All of them were held separately which makes sense as it enabled him to get to know both sides of the story without anyone of us feeling like they can’t be honest or holding back.

He’s been incredibly supportive from the beginning on and gave us tools and exercises in each session to apply every day. He gave us not just individual tools on how to cope with anger, stress, frustration and anxiety, but also couples’ tools helping our communication with and understanding towards each other.

Overall, we worked with him for four to five months and had mostly individual sessions combined with a couple of joined ones.

I can honestly say that Paul has helped lift our relationship to a new level which I never thought we’d be able to reach again. We’re now more happy together than ever, but also feel much better individually. I thoroughly recommend working with him and would always reach out to him again if I ever felt like it. Plus, the sessions are very reasonably priced compared to other counselling options”.

Thank you Paul

Annika, UK 2020

“After researching and contacting a couple of different therapists, I decided to go with Paul after discussing my requirements (primarily work on a severe phobia, and some self-esteem, anxiety and depression issues) as he came across as friendly, empathetic and knowledgeable.

His approach blended CBT and NLP techniques with some talking therapy, and he was kind and understanding throughout the whole process, always explaining why he was introducing certain actions and how they would help, and always reassuring me and reminding me how much progress I was making, which was invaluable in those moments when I was down and couldn’t see it myself.

I felt validated, listened to, and supported from Paul, and in the 6 months he worked with me, am in a much better place mentally- plus I now have mental tools and techniques on which I can fall back as I need them.

My former phobia is reduced to a stage I would have thought completely impossible, as I’ve suffered from it since as early as I can remember, from childhood. I will continue working on it using what Paul has taught me, and I know my quality of life due to this is much improved.

My advice if anyone is deliberating over hiring Paul is to go for it- he has been wonderful and well worth it, and you feel like a wise friend is guiding you throughout the whole process.

Thanks, Paul, and I will definitely come back to you in future should I need further help.”

Zoe UK – December 2020

“I was sceptical about going through the therapy process online / over the phone, but I wouldn’t change anything.
Before speaking to Paul I was mentally in a really bad way, and I couldn’t understand how I felt about anything. I was a serial overthinker. Paul helped me understand myself and has made me feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. He is flexible and easy to talk to and you work through things at your own speed. 

The therapy continues outside of the sessions as he gives you “homework” – things to work on in between speaking, that enabled me to learn more about myself than I had ever even expected.

Speaking to Paul has changed my life.”

Anonymous – June 2020

“My husband and I had been together for 28 years but had been living apart for 14 months when we decided to contact Paul. We had different reasons for contacting him. I was ready to move onto the next phase of my life alone. My husband was determined to work at starting our relationship again. 

The ease of contact and the positive reviews of Pauls online counselling service resulted in us starting our counselling sessions. He worked with us individually. It was quite intensive but his supportive and caring approachmade me face issues and ask searching questions of myself, my perceptions and my relationship.

I had previously experienced counselling services but Paul offered a very effective mix of kindness, support and practical techniques which helped me resolve issues from childhood which had affected my life, relationships and mental health. He is the first counsellor who took the time to understand me and question my perceptions. It was quite disturbing in a positive way but it enabled me to trust in him when he asked me to deal with some quite emotionally upsetting feelings. As a result I have closure and I have never regretted it.

As a direct result of our hard work, Pauls insight, direction and support my husband and I are together again, enjoying a totally different relationship and looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together. Our understanding of each other has been enhanced, our intimacy improved, and I can honestly say we enjoy quality time together after 29 years of highs and lows, problems, and separations.

I feel blessed to have Paul as my counsellor and would have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Thank you Paul”

Sue – March 2020

“Paul has supported me through one of the most difficult emotional periods of my life. I fell in love with another man and I was struggling to walk through the situation and make decisions, I felt guilty and I felt confused. I wanted to be true to myself but kind and considerate in the way I handled it.
I’m at the beginning of a beautiful new chapter in my life with my husband. Our marriage is stronger than ever and Paul has helped me understand a lot about love, feelings, needs and relationships. I have been true to myself and I have inner peace beyond all expectation. 

Paul has also supported me in my loss for the man I developed feelings for and explained that grieving is a process.

He has been amazing, professional and never judgemental of this very tough journey that caused me so much angst. Forever grateful Paul.

To anyone out there who needs someone to support them – get in touch with Paul, reach out and form a helping relationship. It’s the biggest gift you can give to yourself.”

Judy, England, UK – April 2020

“When I first approached Paul to enquire about counselling I was struggling with cross dressing and gender identity issues. These were long standing concerns which I had already researched extensively but I was having real problems with self acceptance and trying to work out who I was and where I fit into the scheme of things. 

From the outset Paul was totally non-judgemental and made it clear that he accepted me as I am without preconditions. Over time he introduced me to a number of tools to help me challenge my ways of thinking and how they could be reframed.

I worked through these procedures conscientiously and they turned out to be really life changing. There were a number of light bulb moments when I suddenly felt as if I was seeing things clearly for the first time and gradually everything just seemed to fall neatly into place.

I can’t say how grateful I am to Paul for sharing his knowledge, insightful help and advice. I think it’s fair to say that my long-standing ghosts have now been laid and thanks to his counselling skills I am able to live an authentic, fulfilling life being me and not someone else’s idea of who I should be.

I know this saying is a cliche but it’s true – ‘Be yourself – everyone else is taken’.

Thanks Paul. A wholehearted recommendation and I’m sure you’ll continue to help others in the kind and skilful way you’ve helped me.”

J, March 2020, UK

“My husband and I had been together for 28 years but had been living apart for 14 months when we decided to contact Paul. We had different reasons for contacting him. I was ready to move onto the next phase of my life alone. My husband was determined to work at starting our relationship again. 

The ease of contact and the positive reviews of Pauls online counselling service resulted in us starting our counselling sessions. He worked with us individually. It was quite intensive but his supportive and caring approachmade me face issues and ask searching questions of myself, my perceptions and my relationship.

I had previously experienced counselling services but Paul offered a very effective mix of kindness, support and practical techniques which helped me resolve issues from childhood which had affected my life, relationships and mental health. He is the first counsellor who took the time to understand me and question my perceptions. It was quite disturbing in a positive way but it enabled me to trust in him when he asked me to deal with some quite emotionally upsetting feelings. As a result I have closure and I have never regretted it.

As a direct result of our hard work, Pauls insight, direction and support my husband and I are together again, enjoying a totally different relationship and looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together. Our understanding of each other has been enhanced, our intimacy improved, and I can honestly say we enjoy quality time together after 29 years of highs and lows, problems, and separations.

I feel blessed to have Paul as my counsellor and would have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Thank you Paul”

Sue – March 2020

“I chose online counselling because I was living in a country (China) with very limited access to counselling services. From the start Paul was very accommodating, even downloading WeChat to get around the Great Firewall! The last few months have been a time of transition in my life, but Paul has been with me every step of the way, supporting me to make healthy decisions and to remember to always be mindful of how my thoughts are driving my moods and actions. 

I have always struggled with emotion regulation, which has caused me all sorts of problems throughout my life, not least in my relationships. Paul has helped me learn to pause and breathe before responding to things, rather than just reacting, which has made a huge difference to how I now deal with issues in my current relationship. His non-judgemental attitude also gave me a new insight into both mine and my partner’s history of addictions, enabling me to be more supportive of my partner while we both work on ourselves, and to understand that we are all works in progress.

Thanks so much Paul, and hope to speak to you again in future!”

Libby – November 2019

“I contacted Paul for online counselling due to issues within my marriage. He was nothing but supportive and helped me to see parts of myself that I hadn’t for many years. 

I chose my sessions via WhatsApp as I’m a busy Mum and it was the easiest way for me to be able to ‘speak’ privately. The flexible ways of communication really make this accessible to all.”

T.S. – UK, October 2019

“Paul has been great help and support in our couple therapy. Access online made it possible for us to continue working on our issues no matter where we were. He made us realise how important individual emotional wellbeing is when in relationship. His ongoing support in between sessions is something you normally don’t get from a therapist.” 

E.S. – September 2019

“I was having a bad time with a number of different life issues, having found Paul Parkin’s online counselling site and reviewing his site and specialities I made contact. 

The first session was very encouraging and I felt confident in booking future sessions with him.

Paul was able to define each of the problems I was having and over a number further of sessions, was able to give me the tools to come to terms and deal with my troubles.

Paul is very easy to talk to, he is not judgemental in any way, he has the knowledge and experiences to help in many different ways.

I have nothing but thanks and praise for him and would recommend him to anyone looking for a counsellor.”

Chris C – July 2019

“To Paul 

A Ray of Light

The ray of light has pushed the clouds away
It’s broken its way through
That ray of light is you

The last few weeks I let the dark clouds in
but that didn’t stop you breaking your way through
to reach out to me
Every session you worked your way through
to bring that ray of light through to me
Every session a little bit more of the dark cloud went away

At first I was ashamed of it
ashamed that I let them come back again
Your kind loving nature once again won me over
We can do this together you say
There it is again that ray of light
That shows me its going to be alright

You won’t the negativity and depression win
You know I can do better and tell me so
I remember you are friend and not foe

As I sit here to write I know I have you to thank
for showing me its alright
alright to have a blip
What’s not ok is to let it win and dip

The dark clouds have gone
The light has shone
The darkness has gone
and next time I know I will my bravery don
and tell you when I need that light

You see I know you will help me find it
my own little light
but right now I need to thank you
Thank you for being my ray of light shining bright

Happy for this to go online if you feel you want to put it up. I thought it would be nice for you to see some of the more positive writing.

I have not long been home; Mum and I went for an early dinner. I am just about to start studying for a few hours and then I am going to do some more self care and have a nice long warm bath with a candle.”

J.S. June 2019

“I approached Paul about coaching a year ago when I was just about to start a new big job role and I had had my confidence knocked having been made redundant in my previous role. Paul helped give me tools to assist me in dealing with high-pressure work situations, anxieties and fears, and to build confidence in myself and my abilities. Paul is a great listener and was excellent at helping me through problems. His help was incredibly useful during a really challenging year. The counselling will no doubt be invaluable in my career and life in general going forward.” 

A. London December 2018

“I contacted Paul at online counselling, because of my relationship problems, I have been having problems with relationships for as long as I can remember, Paul helped me to see that my early attachments were affecting my ability to create and maintain a good relationship. His relationship check-in tool has made such a difference already, its looking like we might save my relationship and make it what we both want. 

I’m continuing my work with Paul, just needed to say a big thank you for the work already, its so convenient too, all done on Skype from my iphone.”

Rob, Hong Kong, October 2018

“I found Paul Parkin’s online counselling service during a Google search. I was immediately attracted to this service in particular, initially because of the easy to read and understand information, then by the testimonials, it was clear to see that Paul was perceived by his past clients as helpful and caring. 

When I initially contacted Paul, he could not have been more helpful.

As time passed and we worked through my life-long issues of low self worth and my troubles with making and maintaining relationships, I have now learned that my childhood and the attachment I experienced all had a major impact.

Paul has equipped me with a useful array of therapeutic tools and strategies to help me make better choices.

I would not hesitate to recommend Paul’s service to anyone needing support and practical solutions.

Thank you Paul.”

Art. – Atlanta Georgia. US.
5th September 2018

“I found Paul’s counselling services online and it was very quick and easy to set up my first call with him, the price was very competitive too. 

I came to Paul with one big issue that was destroying my relationship and nearly ended it, Paul helped me in various ways through behavioural therapy and he taught me techniques I couldn’t have imagined that would help me. Paul has lifted a weight off my shoulder and made my relationship so much better.

Without a doubt I would recommend Paul, he is fantastic and well worth the cost. Thank you Paul once again for your brilliant services!”

Anonymous – London UK
August 2018

“ Paul has been a great help in the past couple of weeks, he has helped me from a place of crisis to a place of calm, I will work continues but I felt compelled to share how totally amazing is simple strategies and therapeutic tools are. 

For the first time in many years, I feel I have a life worth living.

I look forward to continuing my journey

Thank you Paul”.

Eddie. March 2018 USA

“Paul is an excellent and caring counsellor, whether it’s online, face-to-face or intensive counselling, I have benefited from all three. 

I now understand that I was clinically depressed, I had an anxiety disorder and felt that I had no hope. I was not functioning, I couldn’t work and I couldn’t socialize. All I could do was stay at home and struggle day to day, I was so desperate.
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Patee – Thailand
24 March 2018

“I first approached Paul after opening up to my wife about my cross dressing / gender identity. It is something I have been battling with for a long time. Paul’s excellent counselling made me feel great about who I was and finally lifted a weight from my shoulders. The most important thing to me is my marriage and my wife’s wellbeing. Paul gave me the strategies to effectively communicate with my wife and give her reassurance. After a few rocky weeks, things have settled down and all is well now. Thanks Paul!” 

Thanks J. – UK October 2017

‘I was sad, frustrated and didn’t know where to go when I contacted Paul. 

My marriage was wonderful but my wife did not know the real me and it was creating barriers that were not fair to either of us.

Paul is so understanding and easy to talk to and, through his guidance, I wrote a letter to my wife, from my heart, which explained why I needed to dress and how I felt deep inside. Her reaction was amazing and a massive burden has been lifted from my shoulders.

We are now on a new journey with Paul constantly there for support if needed. My happiness now, after so many years of suppression, is incalculable.

Thank you so much Paul, you have been, and still are, wonderful’

Rachael – UK September 2017

If I hadn’t been sure about online counselling before I spoke to Paul, then I was after my initial session last week. 

I gave Paul my history (depression and anxiety) and mentioned finances were also an issue.

At the end of my scheduled 30 minute intro session, which was actually 40 minutes, Paul said he always gave a little extra time free.

Paul asked if I was happy to continue working with him, as he had given me what I believed to be an excellent therapeutic tool, I did not hesitate to say yes.

He had made a scary experience remarkably easy and I felt an instant calm and connection, I felt hopeful that he could help me.

I was overwhelmed with gratitude when Paul offered without any prompting to reduce the session fee for me.

Paul is clearly someone who does this not only as a business but because he wants genuinely to help.

Thank you – I look forward to continuing our work and for the first time in years I have hope.

Alan – MI. 5/11/17

Hi Paul, 

Happy New Year to you. I hope this finds you well.

I am in a great place now and wish to cancel this weekend’s session. Many thanks for your support to date. Your counselling and techniques have been invaluable in getting me through a very difficult period and I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with my loved ones free of my previous problems. Feel free to use this as a testimonial but please do so anonymously.

Many thanks.

Anonymous UK January 2017

I truly cannot thank you enough for your kindness and help throughout what has been an incredible journey of discovery of who I really am. The sessions completed with Paul over the six month period helped me to not only understand who I was but also why and how my problems had developed through the prior thirty years. 

As a reserved individual I had never delved deeply into the fundamentals behind my feelings and through Paul’s unwavering support I was able to achieve some truly “light bulb moments” to overcome many of the problems I had never before addressed.

The format of each session was relaxed via Skype, either voice or video which suited me perfectly and Paul was always, and continues to be available, via email for those times when support may be needed.

In very simple terms, working with Paul, he has saved both my marriage and myself, his ability to strip away the layers of life and the trauma which had clouded my mind and perception has produced a clear vision and a direction for my life now and for the future.

It’s a tough road to travel but a rewarding journey, Paul was there for me throughout and at my pace. Getting your own journey started is the hardest part and to this end anyone considering to engage with a counsellor, I would recommend Paul to all.

Thank you

Julian, Los Angeles CA. – November 2016

I have spent most of my life searching to find a fix, Paul has helped me to grow as a person, his approach has helped me to be stronger and to cope with whatever comes next. I’m calmer and happy being me. 

I would definitely recommend counsellors online as it’s convenient and practical – but also a warm and approachable service.

Thanks for everything Paul

R.A. London UK October 2016

I contacted Paul for online counselling as I was too ashamed to see a counsellor face to face, however in no time at all Paul has helped me to understand my need to cross dress and for the first time in years feel like a worthwhile human being again. 

He has listened, accepted and helped me and my wife come to terms with and find a way forward which is working, cross dressing now feels a part of me instead of my whole life.

Thanks to Paul and his unique method of online counselling

Tim – Slovakia 2016

I contacted Paul when I searched online counselling in google, I was immediately impressed by his website, it was easy to navigate and was user friendly, the advice he gave was good and I was intrigued to get in touch with him. 

Paul put me at ease over a couple of issues I had been struggling with and his eclectic approach to counselling made sense to me.

In 6 sessions we explored my worries and I have to say that today I feel like a new person, happy in my skin.

I would recommend Paul’s online counselling to anyone struggling with a personal issue.

Thanks Paul

Andy – Singapore May 2016

To all those who may be considering Online counselling, stop thinking and do it! The use of “Skype Chat” gives time to ponder and re-digest what has been written and can be called back at a later date which is really useful. I found Paul extremely useful in addressing all the points I needed to raise and he raised many more to the point where I feel I have found the answers I was looking for and should the need arise, Paul is always available to assist in the future, many thanks Paul! 

Anonymous UK May 2016

When I was discovered cross dressed by my wife when she returned early from a business trip, I was both devastated and somewhat relieved. Of course it turned our lives upside down, that was a month ago, Paul’s online counselling has opened up the channels of communication, helped me to explore why and also enabled me to share what was such a dark secret more with my wife. 

For the first time in 30 years I feel I am normal and thats thanks to Paul and his acceptance and insight.

JJ in Bournemouth – March 2016

I found counsellors online when I typed cross dressing counselling into a search engine, truth be known I was in crisis and in real danger, i’d been trawling local ads and drinking myself into oblivion, trying to find acceptance, in Paul I found that acceptance and real empathy for my situation.
I cross dress every day in secret and have until speaking with Paul via Skype, hated myself. I am slowly learning that I can find a way through this. Thanks Paul, our work continues and I can’t tell you in words how much this connection means to me. 

John UK – 26th April 2016

I contacted Paul because my husband’s cross dressing has become a problem, he did tell me about it when he met but things have changed. Paul’s online counselling really helped me understand cross dressing and what I could do to understand and support my husband as well as how to express my feelings. Thanks Paul. 

Anonymous February 2016

I found Paul’s online counselling service on the Internet and after reading it all I booked my first session. It was all very easy and I felt relaxed.
I have had two sessions so far and am so pleased that Paul is helping me. He has given me confidence in understanding what I need to and for me to go forward in my relationship. It is so good to have someone to talk to and can give me reassurance and work towards the future.
Thank you Paul. 

Anonymous November 2015

I found Paul via the web when I had no one else to turn too and was in a very dark place. I found the sessions a great help and I was able to start with Paul’s help unravel the issues that I have. The online sessions are a great way of connecting with Paul and I would recommend them to anyone seeking counselling. Thank you Paul 

Andy October 2015

Paul helped me in 6 session, I was able to change how I thought, my feelings improved and I was able to make better decisions which have already made life better, in just 6 sessions i was equipped with simple strategies and tools and I now wish i’d talked to Paul much sooner. 

Anonymous – August 2015

If you’re unsure about contacting Paul, I can say that this was me. I wondered what sort of person I might connect with. Paul is truly a wonderful human being. 

I didn’t want to go and see a counsellor because I had a lot of emotion and didn’t want to actually cry in front of someone. I also thought it would work out much better financially so I looked online and found Paul.

Paul says some extremely useful things which cannot be underestimated. It was clear that he carefully understood what I wrote. I can joke now and call it ‘waffle’ but at the time, I really needed to write it and have someone respond in a sensible and caring way which Paul did.

He really seems to know what to say or even what not to say. It took a bit of time for me to fully trust him.

2 years ago, we had several sessions and he helped me immensely. I kept Paul’s contact details and recently spoken to him again for 3 sessions as I had a comparatively minor problem but instantly knew who I would write to. I really feel like he is a friend and someone on my side – but obviously better to talk to than a friend because of course, this is his job! Saying this, however, I really feel he does his job for more reasons than just money. He genuinely wants to help. He is non judgemental, kind and sincere. He will not say anything that will injure you more and help you through a difficult time.

My worst time was 2 years ago when I was not doing well in my career or love life and didn’t have many friends or family around. I was doing really badly. He really was so helpful for me. Paul helped me through this difficult time. There is no shame in going to talk to a trained professional but now with the internet, no one will ever know and you don’t have to tell anyone ever about it. However, if there is anyone I know having a difficult time, I would always say that I know someone good to talk to and this is Paul!

Anonymous – November 2014

I contacted Counsellors Online by email as I did not have time to take an hour out of my schedule, it worked very well, he replied to me withing a couple of hours stating that he would reply to my long email later that day and he did. 

Paul answered all my questions relating to my breakup with my partner and how to work through my anger, we have scheduled sessions in based around my busy schedule and I am confident he has the understanding, skills and compassion to help me heal myself.

Angela R – UK, October 2014

Within a few sessions Paul helped me face a projection that has been around all my life but that other therapists never picked up on. Paul is someone to go to really face things, reality and what is going on now in one’s life. I had that sense since the first session and he did not disappoint. His work is for people who really want things to be different and to be accountable. In my experience with a decent amount of therapy and different therapists over my adult life, his combination of empathy, encouragement with insight and accountability in a single person is rather uncommon. 

D.K. – USA, August 2014

I contacted Paul when in my first ever relationship crisis. Im a mature lady, divorced for 10 years with two grown up children. Generally very strong in character and never been in such a mess. At a time when I felt ready to open myself up for a relationship, for the first time in 10 years. I met a men from an online dating site. It was a long distance relationship and we would only meet up once a month, this went on for several months. 

As time went on his behaviour became vague and distance, although he said he wasn’t dating others and was trying to sort out his life being separated and after a lengthy marriage. I guessed there was an external reason. To cut a long story short, it came about that the time he said he was spending with his daughters, was actually being spent with another lady local to him. ( I found this out by myself, the guy knew nothing of my knowledge)

Paul took me on as a client when I was at rock bottom and I thought I was truly in love for the first time ever with this man, I could not understand why he didn’t want me. I was very very sad, painfully hurting, confused and all this started to affect my children, parents and friends, it was affecting my professional path roo. I made excuse after excuse for his behaviour to Paul and through his careful listening, and exploring, he made a HUGE profound connection to a previous experience I had been in from almost 40 yrs ago, the WOW moment was massive and the feelings attached to that memory was exactly the same to the situation I now found myself in.

Straight away Paul gave me some techniques to address the pedestal I had this man on. Almost immediately I got to work on the homework Paul set me and was absoloutly astounded at the massive shift inside me and such positive results. More importantly that my awareness has given me the gift of never letting this happen to me again and look forward to a future with someone who truly does deserves me.

My family and friends are so surprised at the positive change this has made to me from watching me struggle for many months. Thank you so much Paul, you are a genius and a lifesaver.

M. August 2014 UK

After slowly losing the battle with Anxiety, I went to Paul with a very low esteem of myself and a shaky grip on my life. Even from the first session he was able to get straight to various sources of my problems. He has helped me greatly, I am still on the mend but I am now on the right path to recovery and am able to enjoy being sociable and go for meals without feeling too ill. 

I look forward to working with Paul in the future should I feel the need and I would definitely recommend Paul to anyone needing support.

Anonymous June 2014

I feel eternally grateful to you for the support, acceptance, straight talking, advice, wisdom, love and kindness you shared with me through my time counseling with you. Thank you so much. 

A. Africa, May 2014

I contacted Paul last year when i had moved to Thailand from Australia and was feeling isolated, not understood and struggling in general with my life which was supposed to be the life of my dreams! 

I found Paul online and connected with him to discuss my alcohol issues. I had given up drinking since i left to travel but was finding it very very hard and wanted an expert in this field!

It turned out that Paul had lived in Thailand for many many years and was the perfect person to help me through what i was going through! Working with Paul i realised that my alcohol problem was purely a coping mechanism where i had learnt to drink to ‘numb’ any feelings and emotions that i was experiencing.

Paul was also able to help me in all areas of my life, not just with drinking. He is a supporting, genuine, caring counsellor with a calming presence (even if online). I chose to speak with him via Skype and that worked well for me.

I am so grateful to Paul for everything he has helped me with and so happy that i found him at the time i did. The universe aligned me with the perfect person at the perfect time!

I look forward to continuing to work with Paul in the future, and recommend him to anyone who wants to feel understood, supported and kindly and respectfully guided in areas of life you need some support.

H. Thailand/Australia – May 2014

I contacted Paul last year after meeting him socially and finding out about his online service and his work with teenagers. I have a 16 year old daughter who was struggling with school, had an uneasy relationship with her father and his girlfriend and was finding it difficult to socialise. 

He helped her to understand how issues from her past were affecting her self esteem and the way she interacted with friends and family. She was struggling to cope with her school work and was generally very down.

She has now faced some of those issues and accepted that she cannot change things that she had no control over, but can work at changing how they affect her. We have a better relationship now, as she is aware that she can talk to me if she needs to, without it upsetting me. She is no longer overwhelmed with her school work, has stopped procrastinating about it and now has a revision plan in place for her GCSEs, which will hopefully pay dividends in the Summer.

Talking to someone outside of her family circle who could give an objective view of the situation helped her enormously and I would recommend this service to other teenagers.

S. UK 24/04/2014

I turned to Paul after finding his webpage dedicated to cross-dressing. I had just broken up with my wife and moved out of our house, leaving my son with her. It was a tough period. I have been cross-dressing since the age of 8 and it has become a regular part of my life. For me, it was an opportunity to relax, connect with my femininity and relieve sexual pressure. As happens to most cross-dressers, I have been hiding it all my life. It was my way of dealing with pressures and anxieties of teenage, university, then marriage years. I tried to battle it over and over, promising to stop each time. Secrecy and lies slowly destroyed my marriage. 

I turned to Paul at a moment when I felt helpless and unsure what to do. Paul was extremely empathetic and non-judgmental. He gently guided me through the process of self-acceptance and encouraged me to experiment. I learned to cherish myself for who I am and celebrate my complex personality. I feel like I’m on a solid foundation and ready to embrace life going forward.

Within a month of working with Paul, I achieved a lot of progress. Paul’s guidance helped me to plan activities for each week and keep a daily journal which I sent him in advance of each session, so each session was really productive. Paul guided me through the painful process of separation from my family and offered invaluable advice on limiting the damage. Thanks to Paul’s help, I managed to keep very good relations with my former spouse and continue to be a good dad for my son.

I cannot recommend Paul’s services highly enough. He has a unique gift of connecting with people on a deep level and embracing other people’s feelings. He is very sensitive but also offers firm guidance and support. Thanks to Paul, I got over the most difficult part of my life relatively quickly

Anonymous – 8 April 2014

Dear Paul 

I am sorry for dropping out of contact. Usual story im afraid was the initial reason for my dissapearing. However i have since recovered and am currently in a beautiful space in my life-exercising and medititating regualrly and eating well which is keeping me strong and not putting too much pressure on myself or demanding so much. I seem to have come to peace with the power of patience and small slow changes

I am all in all very happy at the moment. I use a diary to reflect on my thoughts and i am no longer so perfectionist about myself or my relationships with others.

Anyway the point of this was not to show off but to a) reconnect and b) to express my deep gratitude for your patience, care and attention through a very difficult time in my life. I feel that your counsel was an invaluable and crucial part of my recovery.

Through your counseling i learned that to be honest, gentle and forgiving with myself is the path to happiness. Above all what i will remember and always be grateful for was your emphasis on authenticity.

I also feel that through your counsel i was able to accept a part of myself (sexual shame, frustration and guilt) that had been long buried within me. It was a heavy burden to carry and i feel so much lighter for having put it down. So thank you again

And i am sorry again for all the times i messed you around and left you hanging. Ot was selfish behaviour and i feel it. Ultimately i feel our connection as an honest friendship so i feel the same guilt as if i had let down a close friend.

You are more than welcome in Swaziland anytime as long as i am here I will do my best to accommodate and welcome you if you ever come to this part of the world

Anyway this will not be the last time we speak I am sure so I will stop here. If I begin to slip again and do not feel I can find support elsewhere I will not hesitate to contact you.

Until the next time we speak though-thank you again for love & care – it has changed my life & I will always be grateful. I wish you love, peace and happiness wherever you are xxx

Adam – Feb 2014 – Swaziland, Africa.

I contacted Paul through a personal recommendation in 2013 as I was suffering from low self esteem and a general lack of confidence. Paul was incredible from the first session and helped me to first understand the reason I was feeling so low. Together we worked on my feelings of insecurity and lack of confidence and through regular sessions my confidence grew and I now have a much more positive outlook. Paul is a caring and thoughtful counsellor and it is of great comfort to know that I can contact him at any time should I need help in the future. 

Anonymous, January 2014

Hi Paul 🙂 just a quick message to say, I’m doing great, really happy. **** and I have decided to get married. I know now that I went through a period of deep depression those months ago that I didn’t really recognise or why. Not properly anyway. I can now recognise some of the reasons why that was thanks to what I learnt through our discussions. I continue to read your posts via your website and twitter which are very useful. I hope you are very well. Thanks again for all your insights. 

Anonymous, June 2013

Last year Paul counselled me for anger issues at work. Recently I had to follow a heavy training of six weeks at work. Because I suffer from social anxiety it was exceptionally difficult for me. I decided to contact Paul again for this acute situation. He gave me the extra support and tips I needed to get through the last week. He was also flexible with the appointments. Now we have stopped counselling again but I know that if the need arises for short or long term counselling that Paul is willing to help. 

Anonymous, March 2013

For almost  year now  I have been working with Paul online. Life coaching through instant messenger has been ideal for me as I have travelled for the past 6 months. 

I  stayed with Paul at his house in Phuket, Thailand, for 3 days. Before I arrived it was slightly daunting meeting Paul in real life i must admit. I felt nervous. I had always opted to talk simply on instant messenger, meaning that it was slightly impersonal as I could carefully choose my words to sound how I liked. I knew that meeting Paul in person would mean he would see me in entirety.

From the very first meeting with Paul I felt completely at ease and cared for. During the  3 days we had only had two sessions.  before I arrived I thought that staying with Paul would mean non stop coaching and would be “intense”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In those two sessions I feel that a lot of ground was covered. The first session was very interesting. having talked to someone online for so long, to know someone, yet have never heard them speak, or seen the way they go about talking and living. From Paul’s point of view i can see that me being in close contact with him on a daily basis helped him understand me more as a person. Paul’s daily routine is one of sanctity and peace, I personally found it very interesting seeing how Paul lives, it made me really look at myself, wonder what Paul was seeing in the way I acted. This introspection coupled with Paul’s greater understanding of my personality made each session leave me with a lot of answers and a lot of questions, but feeling encouraged to carry on with what we are working on myself.

The environment I spent my days in could not of been more conducive to mindfulness. The way Paul lives could not be better to put into practice  what we talked about in a counselling session. I felt that my needs were met,  we achieved a good balance of interaction and discussion, with time for me to think for myself and relax.

I feel that the increased mutual understanding that me and Paul have for each other now will greatly improve our sessions online in the future. I came away from staying with Paul feeling refreshed. just seeing the every day actions of someone who has worked many years to achieve what he has, and is now helping me, has been invaluable.

L. – Traveller. Feb 2013

I found Paul at a time when I was feeling very low and lost in my life.  I even put up barriers to the counselling itself, I felt negative and doubtful about everything. But Paul’s patience and compassion helped me to build a faith in the work that I value immensely.  Paul works with what will help you in the here and now, and the sessions can take any path you need them too. If you don’t know the path, he can help you find it. 

The work we have done has helped me to build a faith in myself that I never had before and which now guides me through every single day. We have worked through the most difficult time in my life, enabling me to focus and to see things clearly.  The clarity I have gained with his help will truly stay with me a lifetime.  I have changed my whole way of thinking, from negative to positive. Hard times still happen, but I don’t fall down the black hole anymore.

Nell 31, UK

After having struggled for a good four years with anger I took the step to seek counselling for the issues making me so angry and aggressive. 

Living in Belgium, a foreign country with a very different culture to mine, I did not want to go see a counsellor locally. This is when I first found Paul’s site.

After the counselling I can honestly say I feel less angry, and have things back under control at work. I used to hate going to work and now sometimes I even want to go to work, the positive sides of my job are in focus.

Paul’s counselling is very strategy based, with me he did not really go delving into the past and dredging up old hurts and things. It was all about now and how to approach things now.

He is very supportive and understanding as well as flexible when it comes to planning sessions around your budget.

Anonymous, Belgium, 16 Jan 2013

My experience of online counselling with Paul has been very positive. I find him accepting, thoughtful, warm and kind as a counsellor – and also very helpful with regard to the technology side. 

I really appreciate the opportunity to have some therapeutic support that fits in with my busy lifestyle and have found that online counselling definitely has its advantages.

I found it easy to build an enjoyable working relationship with Paul and I appreciate his care, his expertise and his humanity.

Anonymous, UK, 15 Jan 2013

Paul is a compassionate and generous counsellor who lower his fee to an affordable price to help others meet their needs in a humanistic approach. He always listen and have good advice for me when I need guidance. He also help me come to terms with who I am and help me to be confident with my authentic self. 

I always became anxious and vulnerable when I went out and had to interact with people in public or even my friends and relative. After about thirty 50 Minute online counselling sessions and a one week intensive counselling with him, I feel a lot better and content in most social situation and being more assertive in a proper way.

Thank you Paul, you will always be my best counsellor, life coach and friend.

Anonymous, Thailand, 30 Dec 2012

Paul’s online counselling was everything I hoped it would be and nothing I was worried it might be… Very pragmatic and to the point. 

John, Bangkok, Thailand. June 2012

Thank you Paul for your expertise and your compassion, I am back on my way again after a major crisis. With your guidance, I found the right road. 

Jessica NSW 6/12/2012

Absolute gem to find such a service online. I was living overseas and needed some help to work through a tough junction in my life. Being online my location was never a problem and the online counselling helped guide me, rather than direct me, based on reassuring my own thoughts that only needed needed help to remain surfaced and to be actioned. Seagulls are cool as well…… but why, well you may or may not need to know. Thanks a million, see you flying some day soon.

Bev April 2012 NZ

I came to online counselling with Paul Parkin during a mid life crisis in which I am questioning everything I know about myself.  Paul was able to take consideration of all of my concerns and helped to tease out important issues and point out areas that I might explore more to improve myself understanding. 

His insights and self disclosure were concise and relevant.  His precision of addressing particular concerns was very skilful as I felt overwhelmed with the number of issues I had to address. Within 5-6 sessions I made some major changes in my life that honour my authentic and ever developing self.

There is not an area of my life that we did not touch on from sexuality to childhood to personality to the roles I play to today including my self care and my spirituality.  Working with Paul has been a worthwhile investment on many levels.

I think individuals new to counselling or those who have been in counselling for long periods might benefit as he seems to be an accurate insightful guide who follows the pace one is at.  I say this having many years of experience with counselling myself.

Anonymous. January 2012

I first came to Paul for his help with bereavement counselling after the death of a close family member, I had always been a very strong person and was shocked at how internally I had been so affected by it. I didn’t want to talk to someone that I might bump into in the street and so started to look for an online counsellor. 

When I first came across Paul and counsellors online I very sceptically tried his services as I figured even if it was rubbish I had only lost a little and wouldn’t contact him again. How wrong I was, even after my first session in 2011 I realised Paul was very good at his job and working at my own pace felt comfortable very slowly opening up to him, I continued for a while with the bereavement counselling, then decided that I wanted 2012 to be a very much better and different year for me than before, so I decided to invest in myself and work on myself with Paul’s help, I have now been through most of the issues I have experienced in my life to include work and relationships, I am now working on moving forward in a new and more positive way and changing my mind set on life for the better.

Friends and family have commented on how much happier and more positive I am and the little things don’t worry me as much and I know that I can handle future big things with more confidence. I didn’t know before that I had low self-esteem which contributed to some of my issues but once you are aware of something you can change it for the better. I still have a way to go before I really feel I will have reached where I want to be but I am further to the end than the beginning, and once I feel I am finished I know I can always come back to Paul should I need help in the future. I finally feel like I am getting “me” back, and feel like I have a friend helping me who wont judge or say things because he thinks he should, Paul is always honest in the nicest way he can be.

I would say to anyone considering, just try a few sessions and see how you get on, it could literally change your life like it has for me so it’s got to be worth a try!

Michaela (Jersey – UK) December 2011

If you have ever felt completely lost, alone, different from everyone around you, not been able to move forward through fear – literally or your own imagination running wild from past or present experiences in your life, not to be able to talk to anyone thinking or knowing they wont understand you or be able to help you in anyway? 

That’s exactly how I felt when I decided to do counselling, I searched the website and was drawn to this website counselling sight and i now know from that day forward I made the right choice.

Paul is a fantastic counsellor, supportive, understanding, always there for you, to support and guide you to find the right answers to help you move forward past the block that is holding you back from living the life you dream of living even without you realising that’s what’s happening.

After only a few months sessions once or twice a week I completely turned my life around, I have met a wonderful man, will shortly be living together and have a child on the way. work has become a lot easier for me, I have opened up to people and now have a better working relationship with my colleagues along with good friendships due to the confidence I have found through my sessions with Paul.

Thank you really doesn’t cut it for all Paul has done for me over the past few months, he is a true inspiration, I am so grateful that I have had the chance to have Paul within my life and not just as a counsellor but also a friend.

I would highly recommend Paul to anyone who needs a little bit of support in their lives for whatever reason to move forward and have the life they really want and most definitely deserve, a happy life.

Cheryl UK November 2011

Paul is a master at his work, he just knows all the answers, thank you so much my friend, you are a life saver and I mean that. 

A. T. May 2011 Beds UK

Counsellors Online is an easily accessible way to address your worries and frustrations. Simple yet effective strategies offered by their counsellor Paul Parkin have done wonders for my messed up life. Thing are definitely better now that I approach life with a new optimism and the help of a true professional who knows human behaviour inside out. Online counselling has been a very powerful and effective way to for me to share. The time I have spent talking to Paul has been a fundemental investment in me, and a tremendous source of 

support. The online platform is convenient and accessible. It has given me the privacy, space and time to be completely free, releasing all my inner emotions and thoughts with an experienced rofessional. I have felt completely uninhibited and totally supported in the sharing of my deepest of feelings. To share feels really good, it lifts the burden and it brings hope. I trust Paul implicitly; we have a rapport and a very

close connection. He’s given me unstinting professional support and guidance with great care and dedication. He has been there for me through some of my toughest months.

My work with Paul is ongoing and I am delighted to say that my dark days of anguish and despair are truly behind me. I am happy, relaxed and peaceful these days. I feel strong and able to cope. In just a few months I have found courage and joy that were always there deep within me and even though it’s not perfect, I love my life!

Judy, Bath, UK. March 2011

It is not an understatement to say that Paul Parkin has saved my life; he gave me hope when I felt that no hope was left; he showed me a way when I felt lost. I have shared very deep seated and personal problems with Paul and he has always remained entirely non judgemental, compassionate and understanding.

I was not convinced that ‘online counselling’ could ever work effectively and I feared judgement, but Paul has developed a very deep understanding of me and has helped me absolutely immeasurably. He senses when I need reassurance, encouragement and compassion but has also
remained pragmatic, focused and grounded in steering me through some very difficult challenges and taking positive steps forwards.

If you are even thinking about exploring this service, I urge you to try. Paul is a truly gifted counsellor. His compassionate and down to earth personality has helped me through a myriad of problems and has helped separate the wood from the trees.A life changing service.

Anonymous Jan 2011 UK

Counsellors Online is an easily accessible way to address your worries and frustrations. Simple yet effective strategies offered by their counsellor. Paul Parkin have done wonders for my messed up life. Thing are definitely better now that I approach life with a new optimism and the help of a true professional who knows human behaviour inside out. A big thank you Paul.

Ade W. UK January 2011

Paul is a caring, compassionate and clearly very experienced counsellor. I have always been dubious about the value of online counselling and was amazed at the changes I was able to implement with just a few sessions under his guidance. I would recommend him to anyone.

Anonymous male 2nd December 2011

Paul, I just wanted to say Thank You for helping through Christmas and New Year, I am looking forward to continuing our work together. Your strategies and support really did help me through a very tough time.

Best wishes for 2011. S.T. UK Jan 2nd 2011

Thank you Paul, for getting me through a very tough time, It is always the case that Christmas makes everything feel much worse and hopeless, you help to rationalise things and give me hope. This is the second year you have got me through it. You will never know how much I am in your debt.

I. W. Dec 27th 2010 (traveller)

I was dreading Christmas after such a hard year, I decided that I needed help and how easy it was to first find an online counsellor and then to work with a sympathetic professional like Paul. My sessions are continuing but I seriously may not have been here without counsellors-online. many thanks for your easy to understand and insightful little gems of knowledge and understanding.

Anon Manchester UK December 26th 2010

Counsellors-Online is a safe and effective method of working through life’s mess. Paul Parkin helped me to tidy my life and sort it into manageable boxes, a very easy strategy with incredible results.

Many thanks Paul,  Gloria H. December 2010

At Counsellors Online I found answers to many long protracted problems, issues that have hindered my life for many years. Paul is a genius at his profession and I cannot ever thank him enough.

God Bless – Art. W. November 2010 UK

Counsellor’s Online is a wonderful place to find your self and to travel the road accompanied by a caring professional. Paul is empathic and knowledgeable in all areas of the human conditions.

Mark T. U.K. September 2010

His articles at was where I discovered Paul’s Online Counselling service, I began with a certain skepticism but was soon to see that his blend of professionalism and caring was to help me make relatively simple changes to my thinking, which has resulted in major plus factors in my life. All this from working with a counsellor online. Simply incredible. Thank you so very much Paul.

Virginia R. 09/20/2010 Thailand

I’ve been working with Paul over the last couple of months and can honestly say that it’s been a great
experience. He’s provided me with the tools and thinking methods to propel me forward and convert my
life into a 100% positive experience. His approach and methods are truly practical and very effective.

Paul has a natural and caring demeanor that puts you at ease immediately, facilitating a great online counselling relationship where you can truly open up and work through any issues. Thanks to the work with Paul, I feel like what has been a stressful year for me where I couldn’t see any positives amongst the despair, has now been completely turned around. I can’t thank Paul enough for helping me turn my life around completely.

C. UK. 19th September 2010

Thanks Paul for helping me to feel alive again.

Billy F (Hants UK) August 2010

Counsellors Online has helped me to find a way forward through depression an anxiety. The mental illnesses were crippling me and almost had me thinking the unthinkable. A BIG thank you to Paul for his expert insights and his compassion. My work is ongoing but I am already looking forward to each new day, rather than dreading it.

Soph UK August 9th 2010

Counsellors-Online is a fantastic website full of free information and advice. Apart from that the online counsellor is incredible, he talks sense and gets to the bottom of things very quickly. My work on me continues but no longer alone.

Anonumous 2010

I found Paul’s counselling website when I searched Google for “Cognitive Behaviour Therapist”. I must say that Paul’s eclectic approach is easy to understand and provides insights which offer short term solutions to long term issues. My work and journey is ongoing but I feel I am in Paul’s safe hands.

M.P. England

From Paul’s reply to my first long email it was obvious that he had taken the time to read and think about what I wrote. His reply was thoughtful, yet to the point. It was not full of waffle and jargon. Whether Paul is aware of this or not, his reply contains little phrases which to me were meaningful and memorable. What is more he is prepared to give of himself. Thank you Paul, you helped me a lot in a short space of time.”


Well, what can I say, I would like to thank Paul Parkin from the bottom of my heart for all his help and

Put simply, he gets me! I found Paul online at one of the lowest points of my life so far, although
I have lived through may crises before that point, I simply couldn’t see a way forward and in truth I don’t
know how I would have got through Christmas without him.

Its now March and my life is entirely different which is mainly down to the choices that I have made with Paul’s help. It feels like he has given me permission to live again, and I know he will I say I gave myself permission, but without him hearing me and validating my thoughts and feelings I would never have moved forward and discovered the real person within, just waiting to be set free.

I am still working with Paul, and I appreciate that what has taken a lifetime to learn, cannot be undone overnight, but I know that with Paul’s help I will get there. I am already a happier person, more confident and I worry less in the short time we have been working together. So thank you Paul, you are and will continue to be a shining star.

D. UK. March 2010

Hi to everyone, I am a 44 year old UK male who suffered a nervous breakdown in September 2006. I bought and tried every self help book, CD and tape that was available on the market but didn’t improve. Life was one constant dread for 3 years until I came across this website.

MY LIFE HAS TOTALLY CHANGED THANKS SOLELY TO Mr. PAUL PARKIN. He has slowly guided and taught me things in our online sessions that I never would have believed possible and his wisdom and down to earth manner in which he explains the how’s and why’s of what i was experiencing has given me my life back and much, much more. I am totally indebted to Paul.

I would encourage and urge anyone who is struggling with LIFE to counsel with Paul, he is a wonderful mentor!

Thank you Paul so very much. Best wishes always

Barry Winton. Jan 2010

What a journey – its great to be alive. Thank you Paul Parkin for helping me break the chains of my past.

H. F. Worthing Greater Manchester UK 2009

Amazing, professional, experienced and human. Much gratitude Paul, thanks for accompanying me on this trek along life’s highway. You were truly an inspiration and guru isn’t too big a word for you.

Malcy E. 1/22/2010

Online Life Coaching is a great service, the coach here is full of practical advice to help with any problem. My own issues were resolved in a very short time (12 sessions). Many thanks Paul.

Willy Stevens UK December 2009

one and travelling the world can be a lonely and isolating life, thank you for being at the touch of a button, you offer a truly wonderful service. It is great to know that from anywhere in the world I can get to communicate with you and beam pearls of wisdom to help me on my way.

Jonathon H.

Incredible, insightful, talented, and wholesome – just some of the words i would use to describe the counsellor here. A great tonic for anyone who is lost. many thanks for walking beside me.

Annie H. PA. 07/29/09

Paul Parkin is an outstanding online counsellor, I have worked with him for the past Three months, his clarity and knowledge of neurological function is delicately mixed with a wonderful human spirit. My life will never be the same again.

Thank you Paul, you have given me a life again. I will always be indebted to you.

Jordan s. Myles Camb England. Nov 09

Many thanks Paul, you are wonderful. This was a totally safe way to get the support and confidence to enable Sara to come into her own. You not only helped me, but you helped my partner too, all of which seemed impossible a few weeks ago.

I will always feel honored to have shared it all with you and to have felt so real chatting with you, I no longer feel like two separate people, just whole and complete.

Many, many thanks

Sara 21 July 09 Newcastle UK

7th July 2009 – After completing counselling and some coaching over the past 3 months I am now ready to take what my teacher has taught me on my own journey, though I will never feel alone. Much has been learned from you. You have a wonderful gift, you made me believe in me.

Andy F. Shropshire UK.

I did not quite understand it the first time I read “Sometimes when we lose-we win” but i now realize that i have the rest of my life to live, and i have learned finally how to live it. I will always remember the
teachings and the unconditional support you have given me in order that i can once again be whole. You are truly an inspiration.

M. O’ Hare Belfast 17/7/2009

A beautiful light has been switched on in my life, the darkness is a memory and the new skills I have been taught are the guiding path. No words can convey my gratitude to you.

6/19/09 Sarri Osborne.

Life has been a continual battle for me since my early years, not having the right preparation makes it difficult, this service and the insight of the therapist has helped me to accept the things I cannot change and given me the strength to change the things I can change. There is some way to go but I have hope for the first time in my life, what a wonderful feeling HOPE is.

M.W.T. 5th May 2009

After six coaching sessions I now see the misjudgements of my past, I am learning to forgive myself and other’s and move forward to a better place. Thank you.

S.Bloomfiels MA. 4/20/09

I have worked with a life coach in the past, however a life coach who is also an experienced counsellor is by far more helpful. I think there is overlap in relation to the insight you have been able to offer me using all of your skills, and I can already see some of the things I am doing wrong. Thank you Paul.

Sue T. March 09

In only two online life coach sessions, I have begun to make changes to my life which have already seen a marked improvement. The clarity and the wisdom offered by my coach is amazing. I am unlearning all the crap that has held me back for so long. I cannot wait for my next session.

Elaine T. MA. 3/19/2009

After making a series of long and painful relationship choices, I decided to ask for help. Paul helped me to see where I was going wrong in the type of men I was attracted to. He also helped me to understand why I was attracted to losers. I am working on my self now in order to make better choices in the future. Life
coaching has helped me to feel and do better with the life I want!

E.H. U.S.

The usual depression signs and it is hell and difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Seen several doctors during my life time and finally they said I had bi polar and put me on lithium which helped me a great deal. At the moment I am on a low dosage and also take an anti depressant. I was OK for a while but now even on the meds I have gone down again but not as down as before….I can cope. I am hoping this phase will lift soon. I need to come back to you soon Paul.


I have never tried counselling and thought that it might be a good idea so I am looking forward to talking to Paul. I am sure that he might be able to help me. All the best to the people out there that are suffering with depression, it is horrible, but there is a light an the end of the tunnel (my favourite expression) and you will beat this and learn how to manage it. I am on the way to doing this but it has taken me a while. Never give up!
Take Care.

J. March 09

Paul after reading your excellent article on ezinearticles I just wanted to say that the prospect of
working with you is one I look forward to roll on Monday when I hope to eventually move forward.

Anonymous American 02/26/2009

Thank you Mr Paul, i would never have dreamed that in six sessions you helped me to move on from years of heartache. You are just incredible.

R.S Weiner 02/09

It was so timely to find your excellent service on facebook, I had big problems but reading the information on your website has helped so much. Looking forward to my session with you Paul.

A.W. 17/01/09

Our work together has changed my life, as said before THANK YOU will never be enough.

Penny Oct-Dec 2008

Well I was a skeptic until we chatted, your common sense techniques for parenting were beyond my comprehension until now. How could I have got it so wrong! My relationship with my little horrors has been turned around in a few weeks.

A happy mum and family 11/08

You are so enlightened, cheers, what a wonderful service and counsellor.


Paul I have recommended you to a relative as talking to you helped me see things so much more clearly and even my friends noticed a change in that i was more confident and happy.

L (March 08)

Paul, what can I say that even goes close. After 9 years of people trying to help, your simple yet effective “who am I” sessions released me from the wasting depression I have endured for so, so long. Much gratitude, my journey companion.

Mark 21/04/06

A great way to deal with your problems and a great man to help you overcome your problems. Paul has helped me so much and am very grateful for that. Thanks very much Paul for your help in my journey.

Craig – May 2007

A really useful service, counselling online is a much easier method than face to face counselling.
Professional, effective and inspiring, at a reasonable cost.

Thanks Paul.


Paul has been such a huge help to me these past few weeks. He has listened & not judged. He has guided & encouraged me & shown me a way to change the ingrained patterns of my past. Patterns shaped when I was small by abuse & rejection. I am now choosing to react differently to situations.

It is not easy but I am beginning to understand myself and others more and to value myself. The road is just beginning but Paul has really set me on the right track & I will definitely come back to use his expertise again in the future if I feel I need it. ‘Thank you’ doesn’t really cover it as a phrase!

Reby – August 07

I feel that it is a great idea to include the counsellor profile and pictures on the website. It offers the opportunity to become familiar with them before your first session. The honesty shows their human side, which is reassuring. Honesty and familiarity are of core importance when allowing yourself to feel comfortable with a counsellor.


Thank you Paul you helped and encouraged me to kick a 14 year addiction to drink – you never judged me and were always positive about the problems I had. I now realize that the drinking was a result of other things, and in addressing these issues I was free from the need to drink. I owe you so much, but I know you will say I did it!

Philip – March 2006

Paul, the choices I had to make were the hardest I have ever had to do, but the rewards have been like an awakening, a new start at life, the most precious of all gifts.


A  very comfortable way to deal with things through web chat. I have now booked my first appointment as I have just had my free consultation and am looking forward to working with Paul

Carolyn 10/06

You were with me all the way during my journey with you in 2001. You never let me down! I have ‘travelled’ alone since, (through choice), but the difference is, I now know where the ‘pitfalls’ lie, that plagued my earlier life. With that in mind, I shall succeed for many years to come!


Whatever your problem is, whether its one big problem or a whole host of niggling problems, I will help you. Having someone to really listen to you and your worries really helps. 

Using my 15 years experience of actually working as a counsellor, using tried and tested counselling and life coaching strategies to help you find your way again, I will help you to take control of your life, starting Today!

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