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Introductory 30 minute session – £20

Book an introductory session to see if Paul is the right counsellor for you.It is important to find the right counsellor for you. The counsellor should create an environment where you feel able to explore worries and fears. Humanistic, person centred counselling (what I do) is especially suited to online counselling and therapy. This half-hour session will help you decide if you’d like to work with me, and for me to let you know whether I’m able to support you.

We can discuss a flexible plan based around your priorities and needs at the same time. Even if we don’t proceed I’ll give you helpful advice on what kind of support or counselling would be right for you.


How Online Counselling works

A counsellor integrates a personal set of attributes, a caring nature, empathy and a ‘real’ desire to help other people.
With an understanding gained through training of human development and how the mind works, how experiences and feelings are linked to how we think and behave. All our feelings are derived from our thinking, if we can manage how we think, we can manage how we feel and behave.

Thought Management tools such as ‘Thought Filing’ and ‘Therapeutic Journal’ writing are very effective tools, as are relaxation techniques such as ‘Breathing Exercises’, ‘Guided Imagery’ and ‘Meditation’.

I will help you explore your perceptions of yourself and others behaviours and help you learn to see things as they really are using tried and tested life coaching and counselling techniques combined.

More than anything else though, a good counsellor needs to create a trusting therapeutic relationship with their clients, a close and trusted bond which will help you by helping you feel that you are in safe hands, that someone is there for you throughout your struggles and your therapeutic journey’.

Paul Parkin
Online counselling for the past 10 years


Thank you for online counselling

I have spent most of my life searching to find a fix, Paul has helped me to grow as a person, his approach has helped me to be stronger and to cope with whatever comes next. I’m calmer and happy being me.
I would definitely recommend counsellors online as it’s convenient and practical – but also a warm and approachable service.

Thanks for everything Paul

R.A. – London UK

I contacted Paul for online counselling as I was too ashamed to see a counsellor face to face, however in no time at all Paul has helped me to understand my need to cross dress and for the first time in years feel like a worthwhile human being again.

He has listened, accepted and helped me and my wife come to terms with and find a way forward which is working, cross dressing now feels a part of me instead of my whole life.

Thanks to Paul and his unique method of online counselling

Tim – Slovakia

To all those who may be considering Online counselling, stop thinking and do it! The use of “Skype Chat” gives time to ponder and re-digest what has been written and can be called back at a later date which is really useful. I found Paul extremely useful in addressing all the points I needed to raise and he raised many more to the point where I feel I have found the answers I was looking for and should the need arise, Paul is always available to assist in the future, many thanks Paul!

Andy – UK

I found Paul’s online counselling service on the Internet and after reading it all I booked my first session. It was all very easy and I felt relaxed.

I have had two sessions so far and am so pleased that Paul is helping me. He has given me confidence in understanding what I need to and for me to go forward in my relationship. It is so good to have someone to talk to and can give me reassurance and work towards the future.

Thank you Paul.

Caroline – US

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