Paul Parkin Online Counselling, Therapy and Life Coaching.

Paul Parkin Online Counselling, Therapy and Life Coaching.

Intensive Counselling combined with a relaxing holiday in a beautiful location, renowned for a its holistic approach to wellness is becoming increasingly popular with clients who want to address their whole self health.

Bespoke Intensive Counselling is now available in beautiful Bali from a UK trained and qualified counsellor.

If you have an ongoing issue or issues which are affecting your ability to reach your full potential and your pursuit of happiness, then this could be just the ting for you to move closer to your goal.

Combined with a therapeutic holiday experience, Intensive Counselling and Therapy packages, can include regular daily therapeutic work time along with plenty of more leisure focussed pursuits to replenish your energy and help you create a better place emotionally.

With the help pf a counselor/therapist who focussed on tried and tested life coaching techniques and tools, you will learn healthier ways of ‘being’ and be equipped with therapeutic tools for life.

Combine this with a peaceful relaxed, environment and the experience will be effective and enjoyable, this is an ideal way to explore multiple issues or problems.

Several clients have benefited from this style of Intensive Therapy and have had a relaxing, lasting affect on their ability to live a  more meaningful life.

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Intensive Counselling and a relaxing holiday retreat.

Intensive counselling in beautiful Bali 04If you’d like to combine Intensive Counselling with a holiday in beautiful Bali, either alone or with your family and get to work on your issues and whilst enjoying a holiday with your family too. Anything is possible, I can create a bespoke therapeutic experience, specific to your needs.

Intensive Counselling will usually mean you visiting me at either my home in Kerobokan, Bali, just 10 minutes from the popular resorts of Seminyak and Kuta. Alternatively I can visit you at your Bali hotel/villa by arrangement.

Intensive Counselling – How it works:

I offer comprehensive bespoke packages suited to your needs and wishes, just contact me for more information and for costs.

Intensive Counselling is accessible. There are two distinct services which make up intensive counselling and life coaching:

1. I am happy to travel to you at your home or even your holiday/vacation destination and work with you one to One.

This way of working is very effective, in your own environment I can observe just what is going on in your daily life. I will be able to offer suggestions and strategies to help you make any changes which we agree are required to facilitate a more satisfying and happy existence.

Typically daily counselling and therapeutic work could mean working 1-2 Hours per day over a week or a fortnight, or longer if required. Remember your specific needs can be discussed before a tailor made package is designed just for you.

2. Visit me and combine daily counselling and therapeutic work with a relaxing holiday, either alone or with your partner or family.

This service is ideal for people who want to explore their issues in a focussed way. If you would like to see some of beautiful Bali and combine a holiday/vacation with intensive counselling and therapeutic work,  then this is an ideal opportunity to make in roads to a better happier, more fulfilling life.

If you are interested to book an intensive counselling then please contact me to discuss further.

I also offer online counselling, therapy and life coaching

Online counselling, therapy and life coaching.Whatever your problem, I will help you, first by really listening to you and then using my many years of post qualification (13 years) experience, with tried and tested strategies to help you relax and take control of your life.

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