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Paul can help with addiction

What is it?  An Addiction is a Recurring Compulsion by an individual to engage in some specific activity. The term is often reserved for Drug Misuse/Addictions and problematic Alcohol use but it is sometimes applied to other compulsions, such as problematic Gambling, Pornography, or compulsive overeating. Factors that have been suggested as causes of addiction include Genetic, Biological/Pharmacological and Social factors.

Symptoms.   Often a severe addiction will leave the person with the problem with one or more of the following symptoms: Stress, Depression, Withdrawal, Anger, Erectile Dysfunction, Mood Swings, Low Self Esteem, Anxiety, Violent Tendencies or a tendency to Self Harm.  Please note that the list above is associated more with severe Addiction issues and are what you may expect if the underlying issues are not addressed.

Helpful Solutions.   An Addiction can be a complex Psychological and sometimes Physical condition which often benefits from Cognitive Behaviour work with a Counsellor in order to explore the underlying reasons behind an Addictive personality trait, once these reasons can be understood, then a safe withdrawal plan can be explored with an experienced Addiction Therapist.

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Anxiety Disorders.

A woman cover her face with her fists in a very anxious moment

What is it? Anxiety is a commonly Diagnosed Mental Health problem.

Symptoms.  Everyone knows the feeling of Anxiety, the fear that something unpleasant is about to happen, the tightening in your stomach.  People often become Anxious when they face stress or difficult situations such as illness, Unemployment, moving house, or Job Interviews.  Mild Anxiety prior to an Examination, for example, can be useful as it can make you feel more alert and enhance your performance.

Helpful solutions.  Exploring the triggers of your Anxiety is the single most useful action you can take, if you can become aware of exactly what is the cause of your Anxiety, then the problem can be resolved.

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Get immediate help with a professional counsellor online. Learn how to identify your triggers and find the strategies that will rid you of your disabling anxiety.

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Bereavement and Loss.

a man is grieving alone

What is it? Bereavement is a distressing but common experience. Sooner or later most of us will suffer the death or loss of someone or something we love.

Common Feelings.  Often a death or loss can cause feelings like Numbness, Disbelief, Shock, Stress, intense Emotional Pain and Hysteria.  After such a Loss people can feel Depressed and unable to function with everyday tasks.  Getting through Grief is a difficult road.

Helpful Solutions.  Many people find talking about the deceased offers the most comfort, after all it takes time for the Loss to sink in.  It is however difficult for most people to know what to say to a bereaved person, many people feel uncomfortable discussing death and this can leave a bereaved person feeling isolated and with no one to talk to.  Maybe in the early stages people visited and were supportive, but usually after a few weeks, people have been known to avoid people who are Grieving.

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If you or someone you know is struggling with Grief, suggest that they talk to a Counsellor, this can be done from home Online.  It Always helps to talk about it.

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A depressed woman look away and cry.

What is it? Depression is a much overly used term nowadays, however clinical Depression or the Mental Illness diagnosed by a GP can be a severe illness requiring Therapy, medication or both.  Often the medical intervention is medication, however this does not address the underlying issues which cause the Depression.  Only Therapy or Counselling can do that.

Common Feelings. Often people experiencing depression feel hopeless about the future and unable to see any positives in life. You may feel apathetic and unable to participate in activities you used to enjoy. At its worst, depression can lead to such feelings of helplessness and lack of worth that people may give up the will to live and can even contemplate suicide.

Helpful Solutions. If you feel suicidal contact the Samaritans or Befrienders International immediately. If you would like to explore the underlying issues of depression in complete confidence with an experienced Counsellor/Therapist, please click here to book a session. In a few hours you could begin to understand your feelings and be well on your way to a solution.

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Domestic Violence.

A woman is abusing her partnerWhat is it? Domestic violence can be Physical, Emotional, Sexual or Financial abuse.  It is when any of these categories are used against an intimate partner.  Both men and women can be perpetrators and victims of such abuse.

Common Feelings. A victim or survivor of Domestic Violence can often feel trapped, scared and isolated.  The abuser often orchestrates the isolation by cutting the victim off from their social or support structures, thus making it more difficult for their victim to leave or get help.  Domestic Violence is very common, yet the stigma makes it extremely difficult for the victim to ask for help.

Helpful Solutions. Many people who are victims of Ddomestic Violence find it difficult to leave their homes, this may be because they want to hide the signs of the violence or in some cases they may be imprisoned.  Online Counselling is perfect in such cases, it offers annonymity and can be accessed from the comfort and safety of home or work.  It is confidential and no one will know you have asked for help.

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