Introductory Session – £20/$28* (30 minutes)

Book an introductory session to see if Paul is the right counsellor for you.It is important to find the right counsellor for you. The counsellor should create an environment where you feel able to explore worries and fears. Humanistic, person centred counselling (what I do) is especially suited to online counselling and therapy. This half-hour session will help you decide if you’d like to work with me, and for me to let you know whether I’m able to support you.

We can discuss a flexible plan based around your priorities and needs at the same time. Even if we don’t proceed I’ll give you helpful advice on what kind of support or counselling would be right for you.


Full Session – £38/$53* (50 minutes)

Online counselling with Paul for a full 50 minute session.In this full, 50 minute session, you’ll be able to share your challenges with me and we will begin to explore them together. By carefully listening and checking that I understand your issues I’ll help you move forward. Using my extensive experience and life coaching strategies I can help you take on your immediate worries and fears and create a move positive and happier future.

Most of my clients say they start to feel better after just a single session and around 95% feel they have made significant progress after six.


Email Session – £39/$54*

Online counselling with Paul via email.Writing is very therapeutic, and many of my clients find it useful to be able to write an in-depth background or context for their issues. This lets you read and edit what you say until you’re happy to send it. It also allows me time to fully understand what you’ve written and to reply with my thoughts and often action points that you can begin working on straight away.

Some clients also really appreciate being able to go back over email conversations again in the future. There is also the option to combine an email session with live chat.


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At times we can become stuck in negative cycles of thoughts and behaviours which can hold us back. Counselling works by helping you identify the underlying reasons and then challenging those issues so that you can break out of negative patterns, and using online communication provides a safe and confidential environment.

*US Dollar changes according to current exchange rate. If you feel unable to pay the advertised fee, please contact me directly at We can discuss your financial situation, discounts are available in many situations

Best wishes Paul