What is Crossdressing and crossdressing counselling?

Crossdressing most often refers to men who dress in women’s clothing or underwear. I have carried out a lot of research on the subject of men who Cross-Dress. Crossdressing counselling will help you understand it more and hopefully feel more comfortable with this part of you.

Cross dressing is often linked to the nature/nurture debate that rumbles on in the gay/straight debate, but I have to make it completely clear from the outset, Cross-Dressing is not always about sex. It isn’t even about a man wanting to dress like a woman, it is much more than that, its about a man ‘needing or having a deep compulsion’ to dress as a woman. Cross dressing counselling can help men and their loved one’s understand this compulsion.Read More

Common misunderstandings about crossdressing

crossdressing counsellingMany people wrongly assume that a Cross-Dresser is gay or a pervert, this is completely untrue. Many people who have partners who Cross-Dress fear that they will want to have a relationship as a woman with a man, in most cases a crossdresser only wants to dress like a woman, not have sex as a woman. In most cases men who Cross-Dress are straight.

Many crossdresser’s live secretly with their compulsion and those that do share it live with the crippling fear of rejection, remember most crossdressers don’t understand their behaviour any more than you do and they need and deserve the help and support of those close to him, he didn’t choose this, it’s just part of who he is. Read More

Crossdressing counselling can help you feel authentic, accepted and valued

crossdressing counsellingWho we are authentically is made of many parts, the lack of certainty around Cross-Dressing makes it difficult to accept ourselves and for us to feel accepted by others. Whether it is Cross-Dressing or a broader transgender issue you may be or may have experienced a stressful and traumatic journey coming to terms with who you are authentically, maybe you are struggling with that right now.

The law, society, religion, unhelpful stereotypes, Homophobia and Transphobia are just some of the issues which can make people who Cross-Dress feel isolated and alone. Well here with crossdressing counselling you are not alone or isolated, I will help you to share your story with me in a safe environment and you will be accepted and valued.

Online support for people who Cross-Dress is so beneficial as you can chat to a caring, understanding counsellor while you are dressed and feel completely safe and relaxed, no worries about finding your way to some office, or having to go to extreme measures to feel safe, you can chat to me from wherever you feel safe and comfortable.

Crossdressing counselling – specific Issues may include

  • Family – How to talk to your partner and learn to coexist in relationships and in your family
  • Relationships – How to communicate your feelings and needs
  • Identity – What does it all mean to be a Cross-Dresser
  • Career – Your rights and how to be and feel authentic in your work/career
  • Education – How you can receive the education you need
  • The practicalities of living authentically – The practicalities of Cross-Dressing and where to get the emotional and practical help you need

Cross-dressing Counselling – What is it?

crossdressing counsellingCounselling for people who Cross-Dress is about helping people learn about their compulsion, to help them understand it better and to work with them to help them feel good about who they are as a person.

For most people who Cross-Dress, it is a small but hugely important aspect of their lives. Working on your self worth and confidence, looking at supporting you emotionally and with the practicalities go hand in hand. I have helped lots of people with where to find clothes and make up and how to talk to their partners and families, no matter what you need help with, I will be there for you. Read More

Practical Crossdressing Support

crossdressing counselling

Wawa Cross-Dressing

For advice in relation to the practical side of crossdressing, I am pleased to be able to endorse the services of a beautiful person, Wawa, who has made the journey that so many of my clients desire to make.

Wawa and her website is aimed at helping people who crossdress and help them transform their appearance, using make-up, clothing and accessories. Wawa a male Thai national living in Bangkok, Thailand and has been living as a girl and crossdressing since an early age. She has lived through many of the issues which impact on so many crossdressers lives.


I contacted Paul for online counselling as I was too ashamed to see a counsellor face to face, however in no time at all Paul has helped me to understand my need to cross dress and for the first time in years feel like a worthwhile human being again.

He has listened, accepted and helped me and my wife come to terms with and find a way forward which is working, cross dressing now feels a part of me instead of my whole life.

Thanks to Paul and his unique method of online counselling

Tim – Slovakia 2016

When I was discovered cross dressed by my wife when she returned early from a business trip, I was both devastated and somewhat relieved. Of course it turned our lives upside down, that was a month ago, Paul’s online counselling has opened up the channels of communication, helped me to explore why and also enabled me to share what was such a dark secret more with my wife.

For the first time in 30 years I feel I am normal and thats thanks to Paul and his acceptance and insight.

JJ in Bournemouth – March 2016

I found counsellors online when I typed cross dressing counselling into a search engine, truth be known I was in crisis and in real danger, i’d been trawling local ads and drinking myself into oblivion, trying to find acceptance, in Paul I found that acceptance and real empathy for my situation.
I cross dress every day in secret and have until speaking with Paul via Skype, hated myself. I am slowly learning that I can find a way through this. Thanks Paul, our work continues and I can’t tell you in words how much this connection means to me.

John UK – 26th April 2016

I contacted Paul because my husband’s cross dressing has become a problem, he did tell me about it when he met but things have changed. Paul’s online counselling really helped me understand cross dressing and what I could do to understand and support my husband as well as how to express my feelings. Thanks Paul.

Anonymous – February 2016

How can crossdressing counselling help?

Whatever your problem, I will help you, first by really listening to you and then using my many years of experience in crossdressing counselling, to help you understand crossdressing more. I will help you feel relaxed and valued and help you get back to being in control of your emotions and your life. I will help you with the emotional and the practical worries you are going through, with what affects you and if need be your loved ones too in relation to crossdressing.

You can work with me from home, work or anywhere you have an internet connection, we can even chat anonymously and even from your smartphone. Crossdressing counselling works, why not have a look at some of the testimonials.

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Professional Online Counsellor and Online Life Coach Paul Parkin

crossdressing counselling

I am an experienced, professional online counsellor, with over 13 years experience working as a counsellor and life coach offering confidential, affordable counselling online to clients anywhere in the world.

By living a simple life and working from home I have reduced my costs enabling me to reduce the session fees for clients, making counselling online more accessible to people seeking counselling online.

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Why Online Counselling?

  • Online Counselling is now the most popular way of accessing professional counselling.
  • It is easily accessible via Email, Messenger and Skype, from home or from anywhere you have an internet connection and its available via any mobile device too.
  • Online Counselling is affordable and concessions are available if you are on a low income.
  • Online counselling is hassle free, no travelling, no worrying if you will be seen entering a counsellors office. Book a session when it suits you.
  • Not sure? – Why not give it a try, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.
  • Start living the life you want today! Online counselling changes lives for the better.

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