How To Meet Your Match

I wrote ‘how to meet your match’ as a result of the many clients I work with, telling me how much anxiety and disappointment they experience, playing the dating game. Relationship coaches like myself are in agreement that dating seems to be getting harder, and there’s one main reason for that, not really knowing the person.

You […]

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Dating a Narcissist?

Most of the people who contact me for relationship advice, do so because they want to avoid dating a narcissist.

Some are already in a relationship and share their relationship problems, some are incredibly unhappy, most that are so unhappy, turn out to be dating a narcissist, married to a narcissist, or hanging out with one.

Dating […]

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Are You Living a Great Life?

In today’s world, ‘Are you living a great life’ messages on social media and on reality shows often show the exploits of the rich and famous as the only way to live ‘a great life’ and what our lives should look like. It’s nt surprising some people lose touch with what really matters.

Today I want […]

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Dating Wants Versus Dating Needs

More and more people are searching Google for ‘dating coach’ and ‘marriage counselling near me’. In NYC and in London the number of people searching for ‘relationship coach’ and seeking relationship advice has hit record numbers, the story is the same globally.

Not finding the man or woman of our dreams, can make us feel like […]

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Living With Depression

Living with depression is a constant battle, a never ending draw on our inner resources, its a barrage of hard times after what may well have seemed like getting through one crisis, only to face yet another.

Living with depression and how to manage it

When people talk about depression, they speak mention two words more than […]

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Does a bad childhood mean a failed relationship

Were you loved as a child, did you feel part of a close knit family relationship, or like many, were you a child of an unstable or failed relationship?

It may surprise you to learn that only 20% of the western world’s children had the ‘right’ kind of parenting, do you also know that children who […]

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