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Online counselling – When I qualified as a counsellor in 2002, I quickly realised a couple of very important things, that most people who come for counselling are either in crisis, or fear they are heading that way. I also realised that if I wanted people to put their trust in me to help them, then I had to really connect with people and instil hope and positivity from the start,

I realised counselling wasn’t easily available or as visible and accessible as it could be, so I created my online counselling website ‘Counsellors Online’ to provide affordable, professional, accessible, online counselling. It’s easy to access using email or instant messenger platforms such as Skype or Messenger at a fair price to everyone, (concessions available to students and those on a low income) wherever you are in the world from a pc, laptop or mobile device.

I had personal counselling myself a few years ago and I have now been a qualified counsellor for 13 years, it changed my life and it’s the greatest buzz I’ve ever known when a client tells me they are able to continue on their life journey equipped with the strategies we have worked on together.

I use an eclectic approach to help clients find solutions to their problems and provide them with the knowledge and therapeutic tools  and strategies to help them manage their future challenges using a humanistic, person centred model combined with practical life coaching techniques, this combination means it’s faster than a lot of counselling models.

Peace and my very best wishes for a happier 2015 – Paul Parkin – Online Counsellor

Some advantages of online counselling and life coaching

  • You can stay anonymous
  • You can access online counselling conveniently from your own home or work place
  • You can receive online counselling from anywhere that you have access to the internet, including mobile devices
  • If you are a student or on a low income, concessions are available
  • You have several options for contacting your online counsellor – email, real time text chat, voice or a video call – the choice is yours
  • You can arrange your online counselling session to fit around your busy schedule
  • It’s more confidential because you will not be seen entering or leaving counselling premises, and no records are kept
  • Online Counselling is more affordable than face to face counselling
  • Life coaching and online counselling combined will give you the tools to help you live a happy and successful life – for the rest of your life.

Research suggests that online counselling is of particular benefit to:

  • People with mobility issues
  • Those living in areas where finding a counsellor is difficult
  • Ex-Pats looking for counselling from someone who understands their own culture
  • Busy people find online counselling convenient, no travelling and it can be accessed from home or during your work lunch break
  • Online Counselling provides greater accessibility and choice just a few clicks away.

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Online Counselling helps with all of life’s challenges including:

  • Historic Sexual Abuse
  • Historic Sexual Abuse
  • Are you a survivor of historic hurts, is it still a struggle?
  • Talk to a caring professional who understands.
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  • Why Does He Cross-Dress
  • Why Does He Cross-Dress
  • Do you know someone who cross dresses and do you struggle to understand?
  • Talk to someone with the answers.
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A mother is holding new born baby close to her.Attachment and Parenting: Human beings need to connect with each other, and how well we do that can affect how happy or successful we are. May be as a parent you don’t know how to connect or talk to your children in the most helpful way, or as a child maybe you didn’t have your emotional needs met by your parents, this impacts on all our future relationships and friendships growing up and later as adults, and has an impact on our self worth.

Working on this area of your life will help you make and sustain better relationships and it can help make your past relationships better too. Read more…

Online Counselling Testimonials:

Paul helped me in 6 session, I was able to change how I thought, my feelings improved and I was able to make better decisions which have already made life better, in just 6 sessions i was equipped with simple strategies and tools and I now wish i’d talked to Paul much sooner.

Anonymous – August 2015

If you’re unsure about contacting Paul, I can say that this was me. I wondered what sort of person I might connect with. Paul is truly a wonderful human being.

I didn’t want to go and see a counsellor because I had a lot of emotion and didn’t want to actually cry in front of someone. I also thought it would work out much better financially so I looked online and found Paul.

Paul says some extremely useful things which cannot be underestimated. It was clear that he carefully understood what I wrote. I can joke now and call it ‘waffle’ but at the time, I really needed to write it and have someone respond in a sensible and caring way which Paul did.

He really seems to know what to say or even what not to say. It took a bit of time for me to fully trust him.

2 years ago, we had several sessions and he helped me immensely. I kept Paul’s contact details and recently spoken to him again for 3 sessions as I had a comparatively minor problem but instantly knew who I would write to. I really feel like he is a friend and someone on my side – but obviously better to talk to than a friend because of course, this is his job! Saying this, however, I really feel he does his job for more reasons than just money. He genuinely wants to help. He is non judgemental, kind and sincere. He will not say anything that will injure you more and help you through a difficult time.

My worst time was 2 years ago when I was not doing well in my career or love life and didn’t have many friends or family around. I was doing really badly. He really was so helpful for me. Paul helped me through this difficult time. There is no shame in going to talk to a trained professional but now with the internet, no one will ever know and you don’t have to tell anyone ever about it. However, if there is anyone I know having a difficult time, I would always say that I know someone good to talk to and this is Paul!

Anonymous – November 2014

Online counselling with UK qualified counsellor Paul ParkinWhatever your problem is, whether it’s one big crisis or a whole host of niggling worries, I will listen and help you resolve your problems. Having someone to really listen to you and to help you explore strategies for a happier and more fully functioning existence, will give you a new lease of life.

I have 13 years post qualification experience of actually working as a counsellor, the past 8 years providing online counselling. Using tried and tested counselling and life coaching strategies to help you find your way again.

I will help you to take control of your life – Start living the life you want TODAY!

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PLEASE NOTE: If you are feeling suicidal right now online counselling is not suitable – please call/visit the links below: 

The Samaritans (UK)

Befrienders International for immediate support.

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