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How does counselling and therapy work?

We all experience situations and feelings that we struggle with. Counselling and therapy is a way to press the pause button and start working through those issues.

At first, talking about personal aspects of our lives can be daunting. Yet most people find it a great relief. A good counsellor is an unbiased professional who won’t judge or try to give advice. Instead, it’s about exploring and understanding the things that trouble you.

Stress, relationship breakdown and bereavement often bring on problems with our mental health. Other times it is a more subtle underlying issue that may have been present for years. Therefore the therapy process begins to unravel sometimes complex issues. As a result we can build a strong foundation for the future.

A key element of counselling and therapy is learning about yourself. This clearer perspective makes you more confident in tackling current challenges as well any problems in the future.

Paul is an experienced online counsellor who brings his compassion and knowledge to guide you to a happier place

Paul Parkin Online Counselling and TherapyA few years ago during a dark period of my life I benefited from counselling. The acceptance, insight and unconditional positive regard from my counsellor inspired me to train to become a therapist. I’ve worked as a counsellor for 14 years.

I started offering online counselling 10 years ago because I felt face to face counselling lacked accessibility. Availability, convenience, cost and even stigma all get in the way. By removing these barriers I can reach out and help more people.

Combining humanistic, person centred counselling and therapy with practical life coaching strategies I can support you through your issues and as a result, provide the tools for you to create a happier future.

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Life’s challenges – how online therapy and online counselling can help

Online therapy and counselling – the benefits

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If you are in crisis or feeling suicidal right now then online counselling is not the right support for you. Please call the emergency number in your country or a charity such as The Samaritans (in the UK) or Befrienders Worldwide for immediate support.